Bad Funeral Home Advertisements

March 23, 2012

It’s a struggle for funeral homes to advertise.

Where do we advertise?  At nursing homes?  Hospitals?  Bars?  Along dangerous highways?

It’s a struggle for us to sponsor events.

What should we sponsor?  A BBQ fundraiser?  Who wants to see a funeral home ad on the back of their son’s Little League uniform?

And when other businesses can donate a coupon or a gift certificate to a charity auction, the funeral homes can donate … what?  A used casket?  A groupon?

There’s a lot of opportunity for us to fail in our advertising.  And with that in mind, here’s a great example:

I get it.  You’re desperate to show that you’re a part of a community.  But, there’s better ways to do it.  She’s almost dead.  You’re a funeral home.  You don’t see a conflict of interest?  For goodness sake, get a new advertisement department.

Really?  Are you serious?  The perfect gift for Valentines Day?  Is the person who designed this a human being?  If there was a Darwin Award for people who kill their own businesses, you’d be this year’s recipient.

So, you’ve got to have some control over the side of your building … right?  You’re “FuneralCare” … that’s what you call yourself.  ”Care” is part of your name.  And you have a billboard for a zombie show on the side of your building?  Zombies + Funeral + Care ≠ Awesome Advertising.

Okay.  So you need a little more business, but there’s better ways to do it.  Join a church.  Make friends at a local civic organization.  Joining the local chapter of the Juggalos would be a more honest way to get business.  But, please, don’t make us funeral directors look anymore weirder than we already are!!!

Caleb Wilde

I'm a sixth generation funeral director. I have a grad degree in Missional Theology. And I like to read and write. Connect with my writing and book plans by "liking" me on facebook. And keep tabs with my blog via subscription or twitter.

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