Batesville Expands Company Website with Information to Assist Consumers and Funeral Professionals

November 29, 2016

New website provides a portal to education and grief information

BATESVILLE, IN. – Batesville, the leading provider of comprehensive products and advanced technology solutions to the death care industry, has transformed its corporate website into an information hub with specialized content that serves the needs of multiple audiences, from consumers and funeral professionals to potential employees and investors. Designed for a mobile society, the new site was built from the ground up with today’s funeral directors and information-seekers in mind.

As a partner to licensed funeral homes, Batesville has made significant investments in research to understand the consumer mindset in relation to funeral planning. The company has a long-standing relationship with noted author and grief counselor Dr. Alan Wolfelt and has taken a leading role in promoting the value of meaningful funerals in webinars, conventions and educational events. Now this information is available to an even broader audience on


“The path to a meaningful funeral starts with an educated consumer, and technology is a great platform for raising awareness and providing education before, during or after there is a need for funeral products or services,” said Troy Turner, chief marketing and information officer for Batesville. “By allowing consumers and funeral professionals to tap into these vast resources using the website, we can begin to fill that void and create a new generation of more informed funeral planners.”

The new website includes a wide range of information on planning funerals, creating a meaningful service and understanding grief. Content is optimized for SEO, so as consumers search, they will find positive information that supports the funeral industry. One of the new features is an “Ask a Grief Counselor” interactive section that allows consumers to submit questions online anonymously and receive answers from Dr. Wolfelt.

Today’s funeral professionals are busier than ever and need instant access to important information. Batesville has added a host of online resources to expand their knowledge and help support them in working with families. By creating a free online account, funeral professionals can have access to:

  • Training materials and exclusive educational content developed by Dr. Wolfelt
  • Comprehensive product information, photos and catalog downloads
  • Batesville’s convenient 24/7 online ordering system
  • The latest research, articles, webinar recordings, and tip sheets

“We’re proud of our industry and excited to have the opportunity to shine the light on some of the inspiring stories and the incredible work done by funeral professionals across North America,” said Turner. The Inspiring Stories section includes videos and personal stories about funeral directors going the extra mile to help families in their time of greatest need. Funeral directors are invited to share their own stories via the website.

Investors and information seekers can learn about the history of the company, as well as news and events that reflect Batesville’s manufacturing excellence and current position as the industry leader in quality, innovation and service.

Batesville understands the importance of attracting the best talent in the industry to help carry out its mission. The new Careers section provides a window into the company’s culture and values, so prospective associates can learn what it’s like to work at Batesville before they apply for a position. Job seekers can search for positions by functional area and complete their application online.

Links to some of the new content are below:

Consumer Information –

Ask a Grief Counselor –

Funeral Professional Resources – professionals/

Inspiring Stories –

Our Story –

Join Our Team –


Batesville (, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hillenbrand, Inc. (NYSE:HI), is the leader in the North American death care industry, offering a comprehensive portfolio of Burial Solutions, Cremation Options, Memorial Solutions and Technology Solutions. For more than 125 years, Batesville has been dedicated to helping families honor the lives of those they love.® Batesville’s innovation has changed the face of funeral service, from advancements in manufacturing and quality to patented features and memorialization offerings, technology and web-based solutions, and profit-enhancing merchandising systems. Our manufacturing excellence, product innovation, superior customer service and reliable delivery have helped Batesville be recognized by funeral professionals as #1 in product quality, service and innovation – 3 years in a row.

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