50 Things You Won’t Say On Your Death Bed

August 22, 2013

What would you add to this list?

  1. I didn’t spend long enough on Twitter
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  3. I took way too many risks
  4. Thank God I always ignored my gut instinct
  5. I’m stoked I got up at 4.00am to snag that iPod 2
  6. I wished I’d spent longer at work
  7. I’m so glad I hung on to all these grudges
  8. I’m delighted I put off attending to my bucket list
  9. I knew that lump wasn’t worth getting checked out
  10. I spent too much time with the kids
  11. The decision to buy a new pair of boots rather than hire a Life Coach was the best I ever made
  12. Why didn’t I buy more stuff?
  13. My death should seriously up my subscriber count on Facebook. Woo-hoo baby!
  14. I’m so lucky I always resisted the urge to do something meaningful and fulfilling with my life
  15. The 15th day of the Casey Anthony trial was my favorite
  16. I’m glad I got offended by the guy that made a fart joke on Twitter
  17. I’m grateful my inbox is almost empty
  18. Does my ass look big in this bed?
  19. I didn’t witness anything like enough death and destruction via the media
  20. I taught my parents a valuable lesson when I stopped talking to them for 5 years
  21. My life would have been an absolutely travesty without Facebook
  22. Why did I waste so much time doing voluntary work?
  23. My greatest disappointment is missing the occasional episode of TMZ
  24. Can you please turn the TV on I want to catch some local news?
  25. I had way too much fun
  26. I didn’t make enough snap judgments about people
  27. Never leaving the country of my birth was a wonderful decision
  28. I’m relieved I put off enjoying life until I retired last year
  29. I’m proud of all those late night e-mails I sent out to co-workers proving I was still working
  30. That cosmetic surgery was the best thing I ever did
  31. How much money is in my bank account?
  32. I’d rather be alone if you don’t mind
  33. Publishing that book I spent 5 years writing would have been a waste of time anyway
  34. I’ll e-mail you from the other side
  35. I’m glad I bought that $47 ebook on minimalism and got the $970 worth of free stuff with it.
  36. I’m just relieved I know what Charlie Sheen is up to
  37. What a waste of money all those vacations were!
  38. Why didn’t I send more e-mails complaining about stuff?
  39. It sucks that it’s raining
  40. What’s happening with the economy?
  41. If I hadn’t cleaned the handle of supermarket trolleys I’d have been dead years ago
  42. Oh shit, I think I have a spot on my chin
  43. I’m glad we don’t have social medicine and my partner will have to spend the next 10 years working to pay off my medical bills
  44. Constantly settling for second best was awesome
  45. I’m thankful I never let people see the real amazing and brilliant me
  46. I’m going to miss having a good old gossip
  47. I feel better knowing that I always refused to back down, even on the occasions when I knew I was wrong
  48. I’m not keen on those drapes
  49. Those sleepless nights worrying about shit that never happened were emotional energy well spent
  50. Can somebody hit the reset button please?
  51. This one is down to you, what do you know you will never say on your death bed?


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