New NFDA Company Spotlight: Funeral Finance, LLC

October 1, 2012

Families making arrangements for their deceased loved one that had no life insurance or a pre-funded contract are positioned to make tough financial decisions.  Burials that include services, casket, vault, cemetery expenses and other cash advances cost upwards of $8,000.  Complete cremation costs continue to rise as well.  Without the financial benefit of life insurance or a pre-funded contract, the family must make choices for goods and services with the thought lurching in their decision making of how they are going to afford to pay with cash, check or credit card.  With the national average of cash on hand for a person being less than $3,800, their choices then may become limited for financial reasons.

Funeral Finance, LLC provides the opportunity for families to have another choice of funding their loved one’s funeral goods and services.  Developed, owned and operated by funeral service professionals.   Funeral Finance, LLC is unique because it was conceived for two specific groups;

  1. The funeral service professional. Now the funeral director has the ability to offer families another choice of funding for funeral goods and services besides cash, check or credit card. Additionally, the convenient payment options make better goods and services affordable.
  2. The funeral consumer.  Now another choice for making payment of their funeral goods and services.  The offer of a payment plan broadens the family’s choice of selections.

Funeral Finance, LLC is the only funeral industry option that allows more than one family member to participate making payments (dividing the bill between more than one person) and the ability to fund less than perfect credit.

While at the NFDA in Charlotte, visit the leadership team of Funeral Finance, LLC at booth #3837 to discuss how you may improve your funeral home cash flow and offer families another funding choice for your goods and services.  Also, enjoy some fresh made Espresso.  You may also visit, or the Funeral Finance, LLC Facebook page.

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