The New Shipping Model Emerges

February 2, 2011

imageInman Shipping Worldwide, funeral service industry

shipping leader, has announced that the Eagle?s Wings Air team of experienced airline

professionals will manage the air transportation portion of the traditional shipping

transaction on behalf of their firm. The agreement immediately strengthens Inman


Shipping Worldwide?s current service offering by introducing proactive shipment tracking

for human remains at no additional cost to Inman?s current and future funeral home clients.

According to Robert Inman, founder and CEO of Inman Shipping Worldwide, ?I have been

serving our funeral home clients for over 30 years and I?m proud of the fact that Inman

Shipping Worldwide has been an innovator within our industry. After many months of due

diligence and careful planning, we are confident that a new shipping model has arrived

through our partnership with Eagle?s Wings Air.?

Established in 2007, Eagle?s Wings Air (EWA) is the leading provider of air transportation

management services to North American funeral homes and shipping services. Through a

centralized customer service center, EWA leverages proprietary software and their

knowledge of airline operations to find the best flight itinerary, make the reservation, and

proactively monitor progress from start to finish; thus delivering time savings and peace-of-

mind to their funeral service industry clients.

?The airline industry has been passively serving the death care community for too long.

Frank Kaiser and the EWA team recognized this fact and developed a system to manage the

air transportation process, to the benefit of our entire industry. Together, Inman Shipping

Worldwide and Eagle?s Wings Air form the new standard for shipping human remains

anywhere in the world,? adds Marilyn Nixon, president of Inman Shipping Worldwide.

Special affiliation benefits Eagle?s Wings Air offers:

? Eagle?s Wings Air pre-pays the airline charges at time of booking, thereby

eliminating COD requirements and offering Inman clients 15 day terms

? Eagle?s Wings Air proactively tracks the air transportation of the deceased from

departure to arrival, and works with the airline to resolve problems if they arise

? Staffed by former airline employees and led by a former airline logistics

executive, Eagle?s Wings Air leverages air transportation and aviation security

expertise to the benefit of Inman?s funeral home clients.

Frank Kaiser, president & CEO of Eagle?s Wings Air, remarks, ?As a neutral provider of air

transportation management services, our team has successfully served the shipping

segment since our business launch over three years ago. EWA?s agreement with Mr. Inman

and his company is an important milestone for not only Eagle?s Wings Air, but is also a

significant event within both the funeral service and airline industries. We are humbled by

the opportunity to serve the shipping segment?s market leader and offer new value to

Inman?s shipping clients.?

For additional information on Inman Shipping Worldwide, visit or telephone Robert Inman at 800-321-0566. For

information on Eagle?s Wings Air visit or telephone Frank Kaiser

at 866-550-1392.

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