CEUs Offered: Todd Van Beck Presenting Telephone Etiquette & Best Practices, Your Invited

December 7, 2010

imageI just received an email from Robin Heppell and he wanted me to let

you know that on Wednesday, December, 8th he is hosting a 3 hour program

via live webinar present by Todd Van Beck called:

Telephone Etiquette & Best Practices For the Funeral Home.


The Telephone is the lifeline of the funeral home and cemetery. Most all

first calls, price shopper inquiries and general business is conducted over

the phone.

The goal of this seminar is to heighten the sensitivities and improve the

abilities of individuals in our profession concerning basic telephone skills

and etiquette. More business opportunities are lost due to poor phone service

and poor telephone treatment than poor products. Meeting our clientele by

phone can be very successful or just the opposite.

After attending this seminar, attendees will be better equipped to professionally

interact with the public, create additional credibility for the firm and smooth

crisis call situations.

This program is presented on Wednesday, December, 8 so if you are interested,

register here:


The program is Approved by the Academy of Professional Funeral Service

Practice for 3 CEUs. For more program details and a listing of all jurisdictions

that have approved the program, visit the website:


PS: Robin told me that he has an orientation video for taking your CEUs

online via Webinar.

Click on the link to view the video: >>>Video Demonstration<<<


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