One Easy Step to Cement Customer Relationships – Guest Video

April 13, 2010

imageOver the past few years I have shared with you many different videos and article directed at customer service tactics, the following video is by far the best one yet. Please, please watch this video from Georganne Bender and Rich Kizer (Kizer and Bender) as they share one simple tactic that will help guarantee your client families will return.

As you watch this video try and think of the impact these simple tactics could have on the families you serve. You rely on repeat business from families, this video will help cement their return.

Message from Kizer and Bender:

One simple tactic sure to bring new and current customers back into your business! In the business world today, it is essential that customers must prefer your business. There are hundreds of strategies and tactics implemented daily by businesses to romance customers. During the last twenty years we have shared with our audiences one tactic that out performs all others, and this video will share that tactic with you.

Georganne and Rich have been hired by industry associations like NFDA and CANA to assemble merchandising focus groups related to the funeral industry. Georganne and Rich themselves have also posed as “mystery shoppers” planning their own funerals to go deep inside many funeral home showrooms.

Through their focus groups Kizer and Bender have been able to develop many merchandising techniques to help funeral homes increase their profitability.

Kizer and Bender were also Special Guests on CDTV Episode #8.

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