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Are you afraid of death? Readers Respond.

November 24, 2009

Are you afraid of death? Readers Respond.

image This question was asked on Below are some of the answers that were given by their readers. I though it was interesting to read the views of the general public on how they feel about death.

CrossEyedMary – No, just suffering

CrystalClear1 – I am not afraid of death but I would worry about my child. I am basically healthy. My blood test were all good.

vlowery1105 – I am afraid of dying death don’t scare me the dying part hurts…

essendon – Do you think the real tuff people are the ones that know that they are going to die. I think so. I could not cope like I see people doing. That thought takes you deep inside. Go there and think how you would fare.

neeran – I am not afraid of death, But i afraid what would happen after death.

sharossody – My husband worked in the funeral business, so it doesn’t come as a shock… we lost our youngest son 10 yrs ago due to a road accident.. nothing can prepare you for that.

yasudrum9 – I guess everyone is afraid of death. If you feel sad, I can help you! I felt this way before!

TrgdyAnn – I haven’t died yet, so IDK if I’ll be scared or not!

Best Answer (Voted by the Site)

MariAttinet – at times until i attended a his. lecture downtown and they wre a ll like death is nothing compared to death in the past! little known to me i sat thorugh 1.5 hours of medieval surgery details… and now death looks like a breeze.. though i certainly do not welcome it at all.. 🙂