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Deadline Nearing to Receive Discount on NFDA Pursuit of Excellence Registration

November 18, 2009

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Deadline Nearing to Receive Discount on NFDA Pursuit of Excellence Registration

image The National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) is offering an early bird registration discount to member funeral homes planning to participate in the 2009-10 Pursuit of Excellence

To achieve NFDA?s Pursuit of Excellence Award, participants must demonstrate their commitment to: Complying with state and federal regulations; providing ongoing education and professional development opportunities for staff; offering exceptional programs and resources to bereaved families; maintaining an active level of involvement within the community; participating and actively serving in the funeral service profession; and promoting funeral home services through a variety of marketing, advertising and public relations programs.

Because the needs of families are evolving, funeral homes that participate in NFDA?s 2009-10 Pursuit of Excellence program will have an opportunity to fulfill new criteria that address the latest trends and issues significant to those they serve, including online memorialization and green funeral/natural burial options. NFDA has also developed a new, user-friendly online application option that will allow participants to conveniently fill out and submit their entire entry online.

To take advantage of NFDA?s Pursuit of Excellence early bird registration price of $250 (regular price, $275), and to access 2009-10 Pursuit of Excellence program materials, visit Entry materials for all registrants, including documentation and criteria fulfillment, are due to NFDA by July 15, 2010.