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The Most Important Things In Your Home Are The People

August 20, 2009

The Most Important Things In Your Home Are The People

Have you thanked someone on your staff lately?

I don?t mean how many times the boss has thanked his employees for doing what he pays them to do, I am referring to number of the times that you, as an employee, thank other staff for things they do to make your life easier. The limo driver who always looks sharp and well groomed … the pre-planning gal who goes above and beyond the call of duty ? the cleaning staff who worked up until midnight working on the carpet stain from your coffee spill ? the cemetery worker who skipped lunch so the gravesite would be perfect for the interment ? the flower delivery guy who was extra careful with the double casket spray … the dry cleaner who got the spaghetti stain off your new funeral suit. Need I go on?

The people who surround at work you are the people that you need to thank every chance you get – but please don?t make thanking people exclusive to the funeral home – bring the habit home with you ? thank the checkout clerk ? the milkman ? the gal who takes you ticket at the theatre ? the neighbour who cleaned up his dog?s mess ? the paperboy ? heck, thank your mother-in-law (I?m sure you can find something).

The most important people in your lives deserving of thanks are those in your family. Have you thanked your partner for being in your life? Have you thanked your parents for the special moments you cherish? Have you thanked your children for their smiles? Your close friends and family are often the last ones to be thanked because they are always doing the things they do ? being there when you need them ? or giving you our space when you don?t. Have you ever thanked someone for not being in your face?

Life is what happens to us while we are making other plans. We have a limited amount of time in our lives and we often rush through our days, helter-skelter, remaining so self focused that we are all but unaware of others. If we but realize that the number of hours we have to make someone feel good is limited. Please, never relegate your – Thank You?s – to the back burner. Life demands that we place some things there but be cautious. Our tendency is to become so wound up in the ?here and now? that we miss the ?where and how?. When did your wife find time to iron your white shirt? How did your friend get those Bear?s tickets?

Thank the most important people in your life for the little things. End your next telephone call with a heart felt ?Thanks for calling?.

I challenge you to stop reading right now, leave the computer and find someone to thank.