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October 30, 2009

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imageThe leadership team of The Outlook Group, Inc. held their annual company strategy meeting in late October at the corporate office in Franklin, Ohio. Purpose of the meeting

was to begin in-depth sales and marketing planning for 2010. All areas of the company?s current

and past year?s performance were comprehensively analyzed and discussed. Wide-ranging

plans were outlined to keep the company at the forefront of the pre-need profession well into the

next ten years.

Chris Kuhnen, Vice President of Marketing stated, ?I?ve attended several of these meeting in the

past. Never before have I known our leadership team to be more focused and highly energized

about the future of our company, and pre-need in general?. John Feher, Vice President of Sales

added, ?I wish to thank everyone for their time, talent and intellectual investment which will

undoubtedly prove financially profitable for the company in the years ahead.?

Immediately following the meeting, Regional Development Directors began outlining their 2010

goals and objectives and the step by step plans to support them. They will be meeting with their

respective funeral home clients, and Advance Funeral Planning Professionals, throughout

November and into the first week of December to assess 2009 sales performance and seek

mutual agreement on individual funeral home goals and objectives for the New Year. These

meetings have proven invaluable in helping affiliates attain and/or surpass their desired long term

pre-need program objectives.

The Outlook Group, Inc. is the nation?s premier Funeral Service Solutions Company serving

independently owned and operated funeral homes across the United States and Canada. For

more information about any of the company?s services visit