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NewWeekly Funeral Service Journal Set to Launch January 1; Promises Comprehensive, Interactive Coverage of Death Care

October 8, 2009
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NewWeekly Funeral Service Journal Set to Launch January 1; Promises Comprehensive, Interactive Coverage of Death Care

TRENTON, NJ ?A new weekly subscription-based publication dedicated to complete coverage of the death care profession will

debut in January 2010; and its editor is a familiar name in funeral service journalism.

The Memorial Business Journal, billed as the weekly resource for progressive funeral directors, cemeterians and cremationists,

is the creation of Edward J.Defort, an award-winning journalist who has reported on the funeral service profession since 1996.The

publication will be comprehensive in its coverage of funeral service, offering news and analysis, trends, business development tips,

commentary, announcements of new products and services, reviews and more.The journal will be published 52 times a year and will

focus on issues affecting the full death care spectrum, as well as related =elds, such as small business operations.

The publication has already garnered the support of at least one funeral service icon. ?For as long as I?ve known him, Ed Defort

has provided excellent, unbiased coverage of funeral service,? said Adrian F. Boylston, whose family published funeral service journals

for 80 years. ?His new publication will continue that legacy of integrity.?

There will bemany unique features about the journal as well.Defort emphasizes the word ?progressive?when he describes the publication.

As such, this journal will be available electronically only. ?News and information moves pretty fast these days so it makes no

sense to rely upon groundmail,?Defort said.The ease of electronic production sets no limits on content and electronic dissemination

allows immediate feedback and lets us follow up on breaking stories as they develop.

TheMemorial Business Journal will offer an interactive component with subscribers. ?We plan to be fully engaged with subscribers

to =nd out the topics that are important to them,? he added.The publication is developing a companion web site that will allow direct

interaction among subscribers. ?This will help us guide the direction of the content,? Defort said. ?The goal is to present a publication

containing what the subscribers think is news, not solely what I think is news.?

?This journal will be about reporting, analysis, sharing best business practices as well as stories and experiences that the readers can

use,? he added. ?I have been covering the profession for a long time, I am con=dent that with this experience theMemorial Business

Journal will bring something to the table.?

Prior to its weekly launch in January 2010,Memorial Business Journal will produce three ?pre-launch? editions, once a month in

October,November and December.These will be used as sample issues to give all of death care a taste of what to expect every week.

These issues will be emailed to anyone interested in subscribing and will be downloadable off the company?s web site.

TheMemorial Business Journal is offering a Pre-launch Introductory subscription price of $149 for one year through Dec.

31, 2009, which is $50 off the regular price of $199. And this price comes with a complete money back guarantee. Bulk subscription

rates are available.

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call 609-815-8145.