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New Funeral Consumer Alliance Board

October 8, 2009

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New Funeral Consumer Alliance Board

JACKSONVILLE, FL — Beverlee Miller says she has already made her burial decisions with her family, but she knows that most people wait until a family member dies.

Miller is now spearheading a consumer board called the Funeral Consumers Alliance.

“We are a watchdog for the industry, that’s one of the things we do,” says Miller.

The retired office worker says the Funeral Consumers Alliance is also a clearinghouse.

“We will show you prices of every funeral home, the price of caskets, who provides crematory services, if it is a green cemetery,” says Miller.

Miller says there are nine chapters in Florida; the 10th will soon be on the First Coast.

“We need volunteers,” Miller says.

The Funeral Consumers Alliance is now in most states and Canada. She says the group was instrumental in helping the Federal Trade Commission develop the Funeral Rule, a consumer bill of rights.

She says the non-profit group helps consumers choose a dignified, meaningful and affordable funeral.

Her goal is to have the First Coast Funeral Consumers Alliance in full operation by the first week of November, she says.

Source: First Coast News