Precoa honors employees with 2023 Values Awards 

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Precoa honors employees with 2023 Values Awards 

PORTLAND, Ore. – Precoa, a national leader in preneed sales and marketing whose purpose is enriching life through meaningful connection, recently honored employees who actively demonstrate their mission and values. 

Precoa’s Values Awards are determined through a peer-nomination process that includes hundreds of entries. Each award winner was announced with a heartfelt introduction illustrating how they exemplified a specific value. 

“Precoa was founded on the values of progression, craftsmanship, and kindness,” said Michael Hornibrook, president and CEO of Precoa. “It’s truly a joy to see everyone come together with a shared purpose and to work side-by-side with so many talented individuals who go above and beyond in living out our values.” 

Please join us in congratulating and learning about those who were recognized for their authentic embodiment of Precoa’s set of core values and beliefs: 

Dylan Morrison, director of Sales Management at Precoa, won the award for Precoa Life Leadership. Dylan’s enthusiasm for his work and his dedication to craftsmanship were crucial to Precoa’s most successful month ever in October and most successful year ever in 2023. Dylan’s peers recognized him for “taking every available opportunity to recognize and praise those around him, and show his appreciation even to those who are more behind the scenes.” 

Jenny McClanahan won the award for Precoa Life Leadership. Jenny, creative director of @need Marketing, is “one of the kindest, most wonderful people at Precoa,” according to a peer nomination. Jenny has been instrumental in the growth of @need over the past five years. 

Associate Director of Software Development Mark Everidge leads meetings about new IT projects at Precoa with one question: “How can we make it even better?” Mark, honored this year for Thoughtful Problem Solving, was mentioned as hard-working, a master of his craft, and a delight to work with. Mark has worked on new initiatives across all departments at Precoa and has made sure that each one is the best it can be. 

Jesy Guerrero, a senior region manager of Precoa’s industry-leading Funeral Planning Center, was honored for the value of “Enjoy Connection.” A consistent, smiling presence at Precoa, Jesy never hesitates to assist and is renowned at Precoa for her skill at motivating and leading her team.

Experience and Communication Specialist Jackie Gütt is “never satisfied with the status quo,” according to multiple peer nominations. It’s for that reason and many others that Jackie was honored for the value of Never Stop Progressing. A familiar face at any Precoa event and conferences around the country, Jackie “never backs down from a challenge,” but still makes time to connect with everyone she works with. 

Account Analyst Curtis Hicken was honored for Results Focused Craftsmanship. Curtis has consistently worked to hone his skills and create exceptional experiences for Precoa’s funeral home partners. “Curtis firmly believes that everyone can always achieve a higher purpose and helps them to reach past what they thought their limits were,” according to his nomination. 

The award for Always Act in Kindness was awarded to Tech Support Specialist Bradlee Meredith. “The glue that connects us together,” Bradlee adapted to a new hybrid workplace without batting an eye. His patience, generosity, and willingness to work through a problem until it’s solved led one nominator to say, “I’m convinced Bradlee has a Ph.D. in Kindness.” 

Rebecca Moss, operations coordinator manager, is “the essence of” Aspirational Drive and Commitment, according to one peer nomination. “The ultimate problem solver,” Rebecca was lauded for her initiative and willingness to take on and test creative projects. 

Mollee Smith, Precoa’s Benefits and Compliance manager, was honored for the value of Working Together With Trust. Mollee has been instrumental in creating a welcoming and exciting workplace as Precoa has grown. Peer nominations describe her as exceptional, approachable, knowledgable, informed, and thoughtful. 

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