Thinking About Expanding Into Pet Cremation? Then It’s Time to Talk to Terrybear

Funeral Industry News October 4, 2023
Pet Standard Urns from Terrybear

Thinking About Expanding Into Pet Cremation? Then It’s Time to Talk to Terrybear

Like any other family seeking your assistance with funeral celebrations and disposition, pet cremation families expect compassionate services and a simple package of quality products. That’s why, if you’re considering expanding into pet cremation — or even if it’s already on your list of offerings — it’s time to talk to Terrybear about their Standard Urn Program.

A world of opportunity

Over the last several years, many funeral home owners have begun to explore the pet funeral services market as a new revenue opportunity. And why not? The number of pet owners is growing every year, and the rate of pet funerals — especially pet cremations — is increasing as well. 

It’s estimated that today, 66% of US households (about two out of every three) own at least one pet — and most consider their dog, cat, bird, fish, reptile, or even horse a beloved part of the family. With the relatively short life spans of these animals, it’s a good chance that many of those nearly 87 million families will be dealing with the disposition of one or more of their pets soon — and it’s highly likely that they’ll choose cremation. 

With cremation, of course, comes the opportunity to provide these families an urn along with other keepsake items. However, carving out a large, dedicated space in your selection room where you can display and manage a wide array of pet product inventory doesn’t always make sense. That’s where Terrybear’s Standard Urn Program comes in.

“Our program eliminates the complication [of product selection],” explains Priscilla Garza, Terrybear’s Pet Client Solutions Manager. “It can also give your funeral home a competitive advantage in your local market.”

What is Terrybear’s Standard Urn Program?

In the context of this program, the term “standard urn” simply refers to the default — and often complimentary — urn you offer with every pet cremation package. These packages often include the cremation itself, a cremation certificate, a container or urn, and perhaps a lock of the pet’s hair or a paw print preserved in clay. A consistent standard urn package certainly saves you and your team time and money, and eliminates the need to maintain an expansive inventory.

Partnering with Terrybear, however, elevates your standard urn package to a level that’s anything but “standard.” Like all of Terrybear’s products, the pet urn options are beautifully crafted of the highest quality materials that differentiates your selection from those of other providers.

“Some places will return [cremains] in a plastic bag or box,” Garza says. “But you can set yourself apart by offering a higher quality urn, because this might be the urn that keeps your customers coming back. If pet families are shopping around for a pet crematory, and one offers a plastic bag and the other offers a nice urn, who do you think they’ll go to?”

Standard is only the beginning

Although a Standard Urn Program with Terrybear typically begins with one urn, your families are in no way limited to just one option. In fact, offering upgrades to the default urn can also be a key differentiator for your business. 

“A lot of funeral homes that are opening pet crematories are bringing their funeral home service to the crematory, and sitting down with customers and talking to them,” Garza says. “We work with them to offer a variety of urns and price points for families to consider”

If your pet families are interested in options outside of your standard packages, you can always direct them to Terrybear’s Memory of a Lifetime® online portal, which would be customized with the look and feel of your brand to integrate seamlessly into your website. As with all Memory of a Lifetime clients, you would choose which products and what prices to include in your portal. 

You’d also be able to offer your families the ability to personalize the products they order with names, dates, art, and personal messages. The Memory of a Lifetime® digital portal utilizes Terrybear’s exclusive QuickProofs™ technology. QuickProofs™ displays what they type in real time so they can see exactly what it will look like on the selected product.

Service that’s above and beyond

For those who aren’t yet as well-versed in products for pets as you are with options for their human counterparts, you need not worry. In addition to attractive, well-made urns, Terrybear can always be counted on for attentive, personalized customer service. That service starts when you first contact Terrybear to discuss a pet standard urn program, and continues through their detailed discovery process.

“We not only focus on the product, but also on the service that helps our customers save time and grow their business,” says Garza. “We talk to them, get to know their business. We talk about what competitive advantages they have, what their local market looks like, and we learn what’s going to be the best product to help them grow.”

Garza explains that Terrybear will work with you to forecast your potential volume and schedule bulk orders to ship automatically and arrive at your door when you need them. They also have deep industry experience and knowledge in serving the pet cremation market, helping them make suggestions for pricing and appropriately offer a wide array of pet cremation products. We know how important these decisions are for your business.

Why trust Terrybear?

As one of the most trusted and reliable suppliers in the world of deathcare, you know you can count on Terrybear to deliver amazing products backed by exceptional service and expertise. But did you also know that Terrybear got its start over 30 years ago with pet cremation products? It’s true! 

Not long after Terrybear’s founder, Terry, found success in selling Minnesota Twins merchandise on a street corner, he evolved his offerings to enter into the home decor market. One of his best-selling items was a brass product that one customer was using as a pet cremation urn. As the Terrybear website explains, that was when “the lightbulb ticked on, and we leaned into the idea, designing more pet memorials and urns for the funeral industry.”

After 30+ years in the business, Terrybear is still expanding its knowledge of the pet cremation market. In fact, Garza will soon complete her certification in Pet Crematory Operation from International Association Of Pet Cemeteries & Crematories (IAOPCC). 

“We’re part of the IAOPCC and other associations, and we have a lot of contacts, so we’re able to refer our customers to other vendors and share our knowledge,” she explains. “Our customers are the ones who are having conversations with their customers and with the vet clinics, and they’re the presence in their community. But when they share what will work best for them in their market, we can make recommendations on what we feel is best based on the data that Terrybear has collected over the last 30+ years.”

Tap into Terrybear’s knowledge today

Terrybear wants to support your pet cremation business whenever and however possible. When you call, they will answer.

They’ll also send you a standard urn kit with samples of their standard urns, and they’ll even give you the opportunity to test the engraving process. 

“We want you to order with confidence, and know you’ve made the right move,” Garza explains.

If you’re considering expanding into pet cremation services or implementing a fantastic standard urn program, reach out to Priscilla Garza and Terrybear today at