Gather Launches World’s First Fully-Integrated A.I. Obituary Builder 

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Gather AI Obituary Writer

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Gather Launches World’s First Fully-Integrated A.I. Obituary Builder 

BOISE, Idaho — Gather, an innovative funeral home software company dedicated to helping funeral directors and families, is thrilled to announce the launch of the world’s first fully integrated A.I. Obituary Builder, a groundbreaking feature that sets Gather apart from other funeral management platforms. 

“When we talk with families and funeral directors, we typically hear that writing the obituary can take up to an hour or more for each family,” says Zach Chatterton, CEO of Gather. “With our new tool, you’re able to overcome writer’s block and write a beautiful, unique obituary in a matter of just a few minutes.” 

Our innovative A.I. technology simplifies and personalizes the obituary creation process, offering an unparalleled experience for both funeral professionals and the families they serve. Here’s why: 

1) Intelligent Data Collection: Gather’s A.I. Obituary Builder automatically incorporates over 50 data points from the death certificate, as well as including calendar events, religious information, and livestream details, making the obituary writing process more efficient and accurate and preventing errors by removing the need to double enter information. 

2) Write in Any Language: our obituary writing tool allows for you to generate a unique obituary in any language that your staff or families need. 

3) No Important Details Missed: our obituary tool seamlessly pulls in helpers with their relationships to the deceased already included, and connects them together for a more comprehensive obituary. 

4) Publish Obituaries to Your Site Instantly: If you have a Gather-built website, enjoy one-click publishing. Instantly add generated obituaries directly to your website; with the ability to add links, lock the obituary to prevent unwanted changes, and customize the theme design for an enhanced user experience. 

5) Easier Family Collaboration: collaborate with family members by assigning them to help write the obituary, and tailor the obituary with custom instructions for the AI writer. Assign the task with simple instructions to one or more people, and get notified when the obituary is finalized. 

6) End-to-End Customization: change the language, adjust the length, perspective, and content of the obituary to fit your preferences, with multiple prompts to help families easily fill out all the essential information. Once you generate an obituary, you can easily edit anything you need directly in the application. 

7) Mobile-Friendly Experience: Our A.I. Obituary Builder works flawlessly on any device, not just a desktop computer. Offering convenience and accessibility for everyone

involved in the obituary creation process. 

8) No Details Are Missed: Easily specify which newspapers the obituary will be sent to,which photo(s) to use, the text for the death notice, notes, and any other important links that need to be included. 

9) Enhanced Security Features: Lock the obituary to prevent unwanted changes and add custom instructions to ensure the obituary remains a respectful and accurate reflection of your loved one’s life. 

Gather’s A.I. Obituary Builder is a game-changer in the funeral home industry. Our user-friendly platform, combined with our suite of fully integrated products, sets us apart as the premier choice for funeral home software solutions. 

Experience the difference for yourself – book a free demo of our case management software to see the feature in action and be one of the first funeral homes to offer this tool to the families you serve.

About Gather 

Gather is an innovative, all-in-one software company that helps hundreds of funeral homes with funeral management, live streaming, custom websites and body tracking. We love funeral directors and firmly believe that helping families through the loss of a loved one is one of the noblest professions. Our vision is to give funeral directors a seamless solution that helps both the funeral home and the families they serve. 

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