Anthem Partners Announces Partnership with Full-Circle Aftercare

Funeral Industry News Funeral Industry Press Releases May 9, 2023
Anthem and Full-Circle Aftercare

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Anthem Partners Announces Partnership with Full-Circle Aftercare

Affiliation Allows Anthem to Provide the Unique Concierge Service at All Locations

May 9, 2023 – Anthem Partners, a premier operator of funeral homes and cemeteries throughout North America, is excited to announce the company has recently developed a strategic relationship with Full-Circle Aftercare.  The association will allow the Anthem Partner locations throughout North America to offer Full-Circle’s exclusive concierge service that helps families wrap up non-legal estate issues after the loss of a loved one.

“It is the goal of Anthem Partners to make available resources that our locations can use to increase family satisfaction,” stated Will Andrews, President of Anthem Partners – US.  “Our partnership with Full-Circle Aftercare provides our firms with an exceptional tool to help families get back to their lives after the funeral is over.”

Full-Circle Aftercare is a family-owned company that has become the gold standard in aftercare programs.  Full-Circle helps with all the little things that need to be done after the loss of a loved one which can be emotionally taxing and difficult for families to complete.   Some of the areas covered are government benefits, finances, insurance, estate issues, and protection services.  

“Losing a loved one isn’t easy.  The pain is compounded by dealing with the stress and worry of wrapping up the estate issues and notifications,” said Matthew Van Drimmelen, President of Full-Circle Aftercare.  “We take care of the necessary tasks for families, so they can mourn with their family and friends without having to worry about things being overlooked.   We look forward to adding the Anthem locations to our growing roster of funeral homes that provide our service.”

“We are honored to work with an innovative company like Full-Circle Aftercare,” added Andrews.  “At Anthem, we are dedicated to providing families the best service possible as well as offering products that align with our high standards for the continuum of care we provide when a death occurs.”

About Anthem Partners:   Anthem Partners is a privately-held operator of cemeteries and funeral homes.  Founded by a group of industry professionals and backed by long-term, patient investors, Anthem Partners is actively seeking opportunities to grow with like-minded professionals and firms who share their vision. The founding principles of Anthem Partners are respecting the unique history of the family businesses and acknowledging the lives lived in the communities they serve.  To learn more, visit

About Full-Circle Aftercare:  Full-Circle Aftercare is a concierge service that helps families wrap up their final estate and financial issues after the loss of a loved one. Instead of handing the grieving family a checklist of things to do, Full Circle Aftercare walks them through each step and helps them complete each task that must be done.  The company partners with funeral homes to enrich the services they provide to the families they serve.  To learn more, visit