Keeper Memorials Unveils Tribute Moderator Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Funeral Industry Press Releases April 11, 2023
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Keeper Memorials Unveils Tribute Moderator Powered by Artificial Intelligence

On April 11, 2023 – Keeper Memorials, the online memorial platform, announced their ongoing
investment into artificial intelligence with the launch of the Tribute Moderator powered by AI.
This represents Keeper’s next step in becoming a leader in the field of AI in the end-of-life

The Tribute Moderator powered by artificial intelligence is part of Keeper’s roadmap to further
assist families, as well as funeral homes and cemeteries who utilize their online memorials. This
update enables AI to analyze tributes and messages posted on a memorial page and notifies
the administrator when content may be considered harmful including profanity, spam, and hate

The sophisticated AI system can understand keywords and the tone of the message and will
flag the content with a “toxicity” rating. Administrators now have further visibility into their loved
ones’ pages and can enable the Tribute Moderator to automatically remove posts that are
flagged through this system.

“Keeper has always strived to create a safe space to remember and celebrate loved ones, while
providing time saving tools for funeral professionals. Although our previous profanity filter
successfully flagged profane words, Keeper’s new Tribute Moderator powered by artificial
intelligence reviews the tone and sentence structure to provide a much more accurate
moderation tool.” – Mandy Benoualid, President, Keeper Memorials.

Memorial pages are accessed by thousands of people daily. Keeper’s new Tribute Moderator
will help families, as well as funeral homes and cemeteries moderate and protect memorial
pages from undesirable and harmful activity. This process will save clients time so they can
focus on providing meaningful services.

About Keeper Memorials

Keeper is a social online memorial platform dedicated to memorializing the lives of the departed.
Users can create a collaborative memorial, where friends and family can leave tribute
messages, upload photos, like, share, comment, connect, and remember those who are dearly
missed. Keeper also partners with cemeteries and funeral homes to offer a suite of digital
memorialization tools including online memorials, walk-to-grave mobile applications, and kiosks.
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