Graystone Associates, Inc.® – a Top Consulting Firm in Funeral Service – Announces Retirement and New Partners

Funeral Industry News Funeral Industry Press Releases November 2, 2022

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Graystone Associates, Inc.® – a Top Consulting Firm in Funeral Service – Announces Retirement and New Partners

November 2, 2022 – Graystone Associates, Inc.®, a leading strategic advisory and professional development firm specializing in the funeral business, announces changes to its leadership team.  This includes the retirement of Mark Groeneman, Principal and Managing Partner and the inclusion of Scotty Payne and Kyle West as principals in Graystone ownership. Current principals Scott Newton, President, and Darrell Simpson, Principal & Sr. Account Manager continue in their roles.

Graystone offers gratitude and congratulations to Mark Groeneman

Mark joined Graystone in 2005. He quickly advanced to a principal and owner by 2006. His impact at Graystone helped form the direction and growth of the company. His expertise in human resources and personnel development led to Graystone’s industry leading, proprietary professional development suite of offerings.  This includes more than 60 formal training modules and trademarked training concepts combined. Mark worked closely with clients delivering staff training and management development in a classroom environment as well as one-on-one.  While Mark retires as a full-time Graystone employee, he plans to continue with the organization on a part-time basis for the foreseeable future. Graystone welcomes his contribution, in an evolving form, to the company’s continued success.

Graystone transitions smoothly with continuity in leadership and new energy

Continuing as principals are Scott Newton and Darrell Simpson. Scott is one of the original founding members of Graystone. As president, Scott’s primary focus is on business management. Though, he continues to work directly with a select number of clients.

Darrell’s tenure of principal began in 2009. He continues to work directly with clients across the country as a trainer/business manager. Additionally, he now assumes leadership of the Graystone’s administrative office located in near Houston, Tex.

New to the team of principals are Scotty Payne and Kyle West. Both come from leadership roles at Graystone, as senior account managers and trainers/account managers, joining Graystone in 2012 and 2016 respectively.  

When asked to reflect upon the new changes in ownership at Graystone, Scott Newton said, “I find it hard to imagine a better business partner than Mark, based on working closely with him during the past 16 years. That said, I wholeheartedly believe that Kyle and Scotty have earned a right to become owners in the company based on their dedication, tireless work ethic, rave reviews from clients and vision for the future of the company.  Building an entrepreneurial model where high performing individuals have the ability to participate in ownership and continue to grow Graystone well into the future is paramount to our success.”

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Graystone Associates, Inc.® is a professional development and business advisory firm specializing in the funeral service business. Our clients are among the top performing independent firms in the United States and Canada. Graystone’s learning curriculum maps to each client’s unique business strategy, and is designed to increase growth, revenue, market share, individual performance and overall work culture. All of which is tracked and measured through data analytics, based on customer satisfaction rates and financial performance. Our approach is continuous and results in sustainable change, with hands-on support and accountability to ensure client success.