Autumn Launches World’s First Deathcare Marketplace

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Autumn Launches World’s First Deathcare Marketplace

Death tech startup provides access to free guides, tools, and 500,000 service providers in one platform 

Backed by Bullish, Great Oaks Venture Capital, and Marco Zappacosta of Thumbtack

New York, NY – July 12, 2022 – Autumn [], a death tech startup built to help bereaved Americans navigate life after loss, today unveiled the world’s first marketplace for purchasing products and services needed to manage the legal, financial, emotional, and practical aspects of life after loss.

Autumn modernizes what has historically been an arduous, analog process by making otherwise complex information freely accessible in simple, step-by-step guides, and aggregating more than 500,000 local service providers, such as accountants, appraisers, attorneys, funeral homes, grief specialists, and more, into one platform.

“We’ve built a diversified support system that gives bereaved people greater control during a stressful time. Autumn lets you manage loss the way you already do your own life.” said Daniel Shaw, Autumn co-founder and CEO. “Handling everything that’s required after a death can be challenging for anyone. Not only is it emotionally taxing, but the process can last for months, and is often confusing and uncomfortable.”

In addition to helping consumers, Autumn’s marketplace supports small, local businesses gain qualified leads, while creating opportunities for new market entrants who have historically lacked access and distribution.

Autumn offers four products:

●  Intelligent Guides: comprehensive instructions, from immediately after a death, through settling an estate, and mental health support; track progress and personalize information

●  Local Providers: products and services needed for the deathcare, estate, legal, financial, mental health, and everyday tasks associated with loss

●  Memorial Website Creator: an invitation tool for funerals and memorial services; share details, manage RSVPs, solicit support and collect memories

●  Supportive Communities: network of bereaved people; discuss everything from grief to logistics, launching August 2022 

Autumn is backed by lead investor Bullish, who has a successful track record of investing in brand-focused consumer startups, such as Peloton, Warby Parker, Harry’s and Casper. Additional investors include Great Oaks Venture Capital, and Marco Zappacosta, founder and CEO of Thumbtack.

“Daniel and Alex have harnessed a better deathcare management solution for the digital age,” said Michael Duda, Managing Partner, Bullish. “Autumn’s platform better serves people during a vulnerable period of time and we believe this team will transform deathcare.”

“Autumn delivers a desperately needed resource for those grieving and navigating some of the hardest moments in life,” added Henry McNamara, partner at Great Oaks Venture Capital. “Daniel brings strong experience and an intelligent approach to product development and we are confident in his ability to realize Autumn’s full potential.”

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About Autumn

Autumn modernizes the way Americans manage loss with the world’s first deathcare marketplace. With free guides and tools, and over 500,000 providers for hire, Autumn is on a mission to transform the American deathcare landscape for the better. Autumn is backed by Bullish, Great Oaks Venture Capital, Marco Zappacosta of Thumbtack, and more.