Bass-Mollett Publishers Announces Launch of Everlasting Keepsakes

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Bass-Mollett Publishers Announces Launch of Everlasting Keepsakes

GREENVILLE, IL – Bass-Mollett Publishers is pleased to announce the launch of Everlasting Keepsakes, its new service to help funeral homes compete with online retailers and provide a wider range of keepsakes and after service items to the families they serve.

Funeral homes who sign up with Everlasting Keepsakes will receive a 50% commission on all items sold on the website; items will be shipped directly to families.

Each funeral home and/or location, will be provided with a unique Funeral Home ID that is required to checkout and track the funeral homes commission. An order is never able to be placed without this ID; guaranteeing every sale is directly tied to the funeral home.

“Bass-Mollett has always taken pride in selling only to our funeral home customers… continuing to partner with our customers through this site, while creating an additional revenue stream for them, was of the utmost importance to us,” said John Flowers, CEO.

We offer a variety of keepsakes and mementos for families to purchase and are adding to our inventory daily. Families can order custom pieces as well, saving you and your staff time and effort.

Our inventory is all under one roof and tracked automatically by our ecommerce software; guaranteeing fulfillment of every order placed.

This site offers a hands-free way to:

  • Sell additional items after the funeral.
  • Increase potential revenue on direct cremation services.
  • Reach non-immediate families members wishing to purchase items.
  • Allow funeral attendees to give tangible gifts.
  • Provide pet products quickly.
  • Reduce your in-house inventory.

There is no sign-up fee or usage fee, and we provide custom displays and brochures at no cost to the funeral home. Simply hand the brochures to your families and allow us to take care of the rest.

For more information please see or reach out to your Bass-Mollett Sales Representative.

You can also reach out to Everlasting Keepsakes directly at: