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Heartfelt Sympathy Solutions to Those Grieving a Loss

August 12, 2009

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Heartfelt Sympathy Solutions to Those Grieving a Loss

Minneapolis, MN August 4th, 2009 On July 15th Heartache to Healing, an on-line grief support and resource site launched a sympathy gift line called Grieving Heart Care Packages. For those grieving a loss the most difficult time is when the funeral is over and everyone has gone back to their own lives. ?Many people don?t know how to be supportive to a bereaved person in those weeks and months that follow a death, that is why I developed the Grieving Heart Care Package? said JoAnne Funch, Founder of Heartache To Healing.

The idea for the on-line grief support site and subsequent care package was developed by JoAnne Funch in 2008 following the deaths of her mother and husband in 2005. When asked why she started this business she replied, ?I found the strength to walk this journey of grief into a future of hope while honoring the past and I want to educate and offer a hand up to others in need of grief support.?

Each item in the care package is chosen personally by Funch based on her own experience with grief and what she found comforting, hopeful and healing. The packages can be ordered as a one time gift or as an on-going box of the month subscription which is available for four, eight or twelve month shipments. The subscription option offers a substantial discount from the one-time order.

She feels that whomever you give the Grieving Heart Care Package to will be supported for months and will be grateful for the thoughtfulness and continued caring.

For free on-line grief support or to find out more about the Grieving Heart Care Packages; Click on the PRODUCTS page for sympathy gifts.