EWA not only survives the COVID-19 pandemic, but thrives while celebrating 13th anniversary

Funeral Industry News Funeral Industry Press Releases March 24, 2021

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EWA not only survives the COVID-19 pandemic, but thrives while celebrating 13th anniversary

FORT WAYNE, INDIANA — Eagle’s Wings Air (EWA), the nation’s leading logistics provider of air transportation management services to funeral homes and shipping services, is celebrating its 13th anniversary this week after a year of historic operational challenges – and organizational growth.

“Despite the profound impact of COVID-19 on the available airline capacity throughout much of 2020, EWA solidified and strengthened its position as the industry leader thanks to its highly dedicated and hardworking team members and a quick change to a more flexible work-from-home operating model,” said Dave McComb, CEO of EWA.

“The past 12 months have certainly been the most challenging of my 25-plus-year career in the air logistics business,” said Frank Kaiser, President of EWA. “Even more than September 11, 2001, when I was leading a customer service function at an airline and we grounded our entire fleet of aircraft for three days. The loss of capacity and disruption to global airline networks related to the pandemic has been much more dramatic and required constant coordination with our airline partners.

“It’s hard to put into words how incredibly proud I am of our team,” Kaiser added. “They are tired, but they have proven repeatedly over the past year their resiliency and dedication to serving our clients at their greatest time of need.”

After an initial decline in company volume during the confusion and shutdowns that gripped the nation during the March-May period in 2020, EWA has been managing at an average year-over-year growth rate of 22 percent.

“I believe this is a testament to our service model and the value we offer the funeral service profession,” explained Dave McComb, co-owner of EWA and a former independent funeral home owner. “I’m excited how we’ve emerged as a team stronger and better positioned than ever. We’ve added staff and invested in new technology – all to enhance the service we provide our funeral service clients.”

Originally co-founded in late 2007 by Kaiser and McComb, a highly respected leader in the funeral service community with more than 40 years of experience, EWA managed its first transfer of a loved one in March 2008. Since then, and thanks to the expertise of the EWA team members and the combined airline and funeral home experience of Kaiser and McComb, it has grown to become the global leader in managing the air transportation required to bring loved ones home for ceremony.

“While our nation is making progress against the pandemic, challenges certainly remain within the airline industry,” McComb added. “Carriers have slimmed operations, parked hundreds of jetliners, and eliminated or furloughed thousandsof jobs. Capacityon internationalflights continues to be very limited, and domestic networksare operating 55 percent below pre-COVID levels. Finding flights and managing the logistics associated with shipping human remains will continueto be a challenge for funeralservice across the country. I’m very proud to be associated with EWA and happy that our company is positionedso well to serve my industry colleagues duringthese challenging times.”

About Eagle’s Wings Air (EWA)

Established in 2008, Eagle’s Wings Air (EWA) is the nation’s leading logistics provider of air transportation management services to funeral homes and shipping services. Through a centralized customer service center, EWA leverages proprietary software and their knowledge of airline operations to find the best flight itinerary, secure space on the aircraft, and proactively monitor status of transfer from start to finish, delivering time-savings and peace-of-mind to its funeral service clients. To date, EWA has proactively managed more than 175,000 transfers of loved ones home for ceremony. Learn more at www.EWAcares.com or by calling 866-550-1392.