Tukios Announces New Feature – SendHugs

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Tukios Announces New Feature – SendHugs

Ogden, UtahTukios is thrilled to announce the beta launch of a new feature, SendHugs, a virtual way for friends and family to send their love to the bereaved.

This service allows for loved ones to share their favorite stories, memories, and express their love to the family via recorded video messages. It works from any computer or mobile device with a camera. The funeral director simply sets up a link that can be shared with family and friends. When the videos have come in, they can be shared online or easily stitched together using the Tukios tribute video software.

Curtis Funk, CEO of Tukios said, “I’ve been testing this product in my own family with several different types of events, from Birthdays to Graduations and the results have been awesome! I’ve watched the recipients laugh and cry while they hear the reasons people care about them.”

If you would like to try this new service at your funeral home, visit https://www.tukios.com/sendhugs to request access.

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