Wilbert Simplifies Burial Vault Presentations For Social Distancing

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Wilbert Simplifies Burial Vault Presentations For Social Distancing

OVERLAND PARK, KS, March 24, 2020 – With the challenges faced by Funeral Professionals in making arrangements with families remotely or consistent with social distancing procedures, The Wilbert Group has built a solution allowing a remote presentation of outer burial containers (OBCs) to families.

Utilizing Wilbert’s simpliFi® program – which simplifies the OBC presentation with a straightforward yet vivid graphic combined with a short informational video – two different remote presentation approaches have been developed for Funeral Professionals to choose from:

Version 1 takes the family completely through the simpliFi® burial vault presentation from beginning to end in a 3-minute video, after which the Funeral Professional steps in to answer questions, provide options, and address pricing. This version resides at www.wilbert.com/burial/simplifi-presentation

Version 2 allows the Funeral Professional to guide the family through the burial vault selection process by using the “Funeral Professional Guide” that is a part of the simpliFi® presentation program. Following the guide along with showing the family the “Outer Burial Container Choices” graphic and the educational video, the Funeral Professional can interact more with the family as they learn about OBC options and make their selection. The graphic and video for this version resides at www.wilbert.com/burial/simplifi

“We invite Funeral Professionals to test both of these versions to see which one best suits their needs for remote presentations,” said Ken Moore, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing. “Either version provides a simple way to inform families quickly, thoroughly and interactively about the choices they have pertaining to burial vaults – including personalization of the vault which has been proven to elevate the service experience for the family.”

For more information about the remote presentation approaches or about Wilbert’s simpliFi® program in general, please contact your local Wilbert Representative or call 913.345.2120.