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Connecting Directors Readers: Enjoy the Latest Issue of Parliament

September 12, 2019

Connecting Directors Readers: Enjoy the Latest Issue of Parliament

We’re excited to announce that Connecting Directors has partnered with Lemasters Consulting to bring our readers the latest issue of Parliament!

Poul Lemasters, Esq., a funeral director/embalmer-turned-attorney, began publishing Parliament in 2010. Within its gorgeous pages (seriously — the photography is stunning), Parliament “features subjects of interest to the deathcare profession. Each issue focuses on a specific topic, and features at least one guest author.” 

Past issues have included actionable guidance on regulatory compliance, risk management, policies and procedures, arbitration, technology, and more. Plus, every year Poul and his team provide expert insight into upcoming changes to laws, rules, and regulations that will have some impact on the deathcare industry. It’s news you can truly use, written by someone who has done what you do. 

Get your issue of Parliament here

The 36th issue of Parliament is Lemasters’ Annual Regulatory and Legislate Update.

In the first feature, Poul answers three questions about body donation and potential new regulations that, if enacted, will help to protect your business from shady body brokers.

Chances are you’ve dealt with trusts and all of their associated and complicated laws. In Parliament’s second story, you’ll find the latest update about the deductibility of trust investment fees.

Finally, Poul tackles everyone’s favorite subject these days: transparency in deathcare pricing. With the FTC poised to review the Funeral Rule sometime in 2019, you’ll want to see what Poul and his team has to say about the issue.
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