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What 89% of Businesses Know But Funeral Homes Don’t | DISRUPT60 020

June 27, 2019

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What 89% of Businesses Know But Funeral Homes Don’t | DISRUPT60 020

We knew it would happen and so did 89% of other US businesses but funeral companies have tried to avoid it. This year, digital advertising is projected to eclipse money spent on traditional advertising by $20 billion! The funeral profession NEEDS to catch up!

The digital ad industry in the US has been growing steadily for years, primarily thanks to two: Facebook and Google. Even though digital advertising was just half the size of the “traditional” ad industry four years ago in 2015, it was only a matter of time before the two swapped roles.

The days of thinking the consumer will ‘conform’ to the marketing and communication options the funeral profession make available to them are over. If you don’t engage with them the way they want to engage and when they want to engage – they will go to someone else who will.

You’re playing from behind and it’s time to catch up.

*Bonus* When you realize you’re hurting your business by not leveraging a great social media presence, keep this in mind: If you still think social media is FREE just because the platform is free to join doesn’t mean correctly and effectively using it will be. You consistently bash “discounters and their ilk” for “cheapening the profession.” So why would a “traditional & professional” funeral director hire a “discounter” social media advisor? The analogy is the same;

professional funeral home = DISRUPT Media – a full-service social media strategy and management company.

discounter/storefront = take your pick, there are dozens of so-called ‘social media experts’ in this profession who can help you automate and co-pilot your social media for cheap.

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