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Reach New Clients…How To Set Up a Facebook “Fan Page” For Your Funeral Home

September 16, 2009

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Reach New Clients…How To Set Up a Facebook “Fan Page” For Your Funeral Home

As your client family changes, so must your marketing and advertising. More and more people are embracing social networks, and guess what?. Those people will someday be your next client.

My Dad used to tell me ?Son, some of the best things in life are free,? it just never seemed to be the things I wanted. Until now.

Free marketing? That?s right there are now many different avenues that offer free marketing and the largest is Facebook. If your firm is not involved on Facebook then it needs to be. Why?

Here are a few facts:

? The fastest grow group on Facebook is 55-65 year old females

? If Facebook were a country it would be the Fourth largest

? 300,000,000 people use Facebok

The easiest and best way for your firm to get involved on Facebook and take advantage of this ?free marketing? is by creating a ?Fan Page?.

Below are instructions on how to start a Facebook ?Fan Page? for your funeral home.

Getting Started

First, if you do not already have a Facebook account (a login, personal or business), get one. Just go to and sign up. It really does not matter much if you choose to use a personal or business profile, because you will be creating a “fan” page (or just “pages” – as Facebook now refers to them) when the fans of the site will not have access to your personal details within your profile.

*Also important to note, that you must be authorized to create a page for the organization. For example, you cannot create a Madonna* Fan page, unless Madonna said you could.

Creating a Page

Once you are logged in to Facebook, visit this URL to create your page:

Choose your “category” for your fan page. This is important for searching, but also depending on the category you choose, the page will be setup with different default applications. So you want to choose the category that really does best fit your business or organization.

Next, simply name your page.

Now just agree that you have the rights to create this page and it is done!

Here are a few example (Funeral Industry) ?Fan Pages? for you to check out:

Victoria Funeral Homes

Chandler Funeral Home and Cremation Service

Watch for Part 2 of this post where I will get into setup specifics of your page.