Wilbert’s New simpliFi Program Streamlines Outer Burial Container Presentations

Funeral Industry News Funeral Industry Press Releases Wilbert Funeral Services May 22, 2019
Wilbert's New SimpliFi Program Streamlines Outer Burial Container Presentations

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Wilbert’s New simpliFi Program Streamlines Outer Burial Container Presentations

BROADVIEW, IL – Taking the confusion and complication out of the outer burial container (OBC) presentation to families is the goal of simpliFi™, a new program developed by Wilbert Funeral Services, Inc. There is no cost to funeral professionals.  A table graphic and short video are the only tools utilized in the simpliFi program.  SimpliFi has been proven to save time in presenting OBC options to families and to increase the sales of burial vaults over unlined grave boxes.

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SimpliFi addresses the challenge of educating and communicating effectively with families who are increasingly time-crunched and distracted, yet still need to understand OBC choices including personalization options that will help create a treasured tribute and satisfactory experience.  While there are various approaches on the market to present OBC options, many funeral providers prefer personal engagement with families which is what the simpliFi program is all about.

“There are a variety of easy ways to present the video, making it very easy to share the simpliFi program with families” said Wayne Stellmach, Director of Marketing, Wilbert Funeral Services, Inc. “No need for internet, no need for computers – unless the computer monitor is preferred by the funeral professional”.

Wilbert simpliFi is not only simple for families to understand, it is quick and simple for funeral professionals to learn.  A convenient pocket guide provides an easy 1-2-3 step approach which when combined with the two-minute video only takes an average of four minutes to present.  To further support the funeral professional, Wilbert provides an additional reference packet detailing how to address various concerns that are commonly expressed by families, which is a great resource for newer funeral professionals as well as a refresher for more seasoned professionals.

“Those who have used simpliFi have applauded its valuable support even for those who already have experience and a good track record of lined burial vault sales,” added Stellmach. “Of particular note has been how simpliFi opens discussions of personalization and graveside services.”

Wilbert has a schedule of simpliFi webinars with an array of dates and times to accommodate those who would like to learn more about simpliFi.  To see the schedule and register for a webinar, go to www.wilbert.com/simplifi/webinars.

Local Wilbert Licensees can provide additional information or arrange a demonstration of how simpliFi™ can simplify burial vault presentations.