Helene Schultheis, ASD’s Longest Serving Call Specialist, Retires After 21 Years

Funeral Industry News Funeral Industry Press Releases September 11, 2018

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Helene Schultheis, ASD’s Longest Serving Call Specialist, Retires After 21 Years

Media, PA—After more than two decades of providing empathy and comfort to funeral home callers, Helene Schultheis, ASD – Answering Service for Directors’ most experienced Call Specialist, retired this month. In her 20+ years at the company, Helene has steadily built a legacy of compassion, dedication and kindness. Since 1997, Helene has devoted herself to helping grieving loved ones through the most difficult call they will ever have to make. ASD estimates that during her career, Helene has answered more than 750,000 calls and over 50,000 First calls.

When asked a few years ago what she finds most rewarding about working at ASD, Helene explained, “At the end of the day you go home and feel as though you made a difference by helping people. I am very fortunate to work at ASD. I am so proud to be part of this company. ”

Helene joined ASD right around the same time new call forwarding options made it possible for the company to offer it’s services beyond their local area. While ASD’s technology and system redundancies have seen thousands of different iterations, Helene’s gentle and patient phone demeanor have remained a constant. Her presence reminds everyone how essential it is to offer a personal touch to funeral home callers. From handling a First Call for a high profile celebrity to assisting callers impacted by major tragedies, Helene’s natural aptitude for providing comfort to the bereaved has never wavered.

“My most difficult calls were the calls that came in on 9/11,” Helene shared. “The callers were stunned and devastated as was the entire country. Our clients and their callers went through some horrific times that day.”

Over the years, Helene made an effort to get to know ASD’s clients and to learn more about their lives.  At conventions, her name comes up more than any other. Some can remember her answering their calls over a decade ago with the same warm and compassionate tone of voice. For ASD staff, Helene’s kindness and sincerity is truly a gift. Most ASD employees would be able to tell you without hesitation about their first interaction with her. Whether it is in the office or over the phone, Helene left a memorable and lasting impression on just about every person she encountered.

Helene was a valuable asset to our company and a role model employee, dedicated to her position with a friendly presence in the office,” says ASD Operations Director, Ric Cusumano, who has worked with Helene for more than 20 years. “She achieved perfect attendance for years traveling in inclement weather and staying overnight when needed. Helene enjoyed helping others, interacting with our clients and co-workers. She was always pleasant, caring and compassionate towards everyone. Helene was not only an employee and co-worker, but she was part of our ASD family.”

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