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Cremation-With-Care Providers are Winning the Cremation Phone Shopper Price War

April 25, 2012

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Cremation-With-Care Providers are Winning the Cremation Phone Shopper Price War

Sanibel Island, FL- Much has been said by “industry professionals” about how to handle phone calls from cremation price shoppers. Winning the Cremation Price War on the telephone is one of our biggest challenges. There are several truths that you must embrace in order to dramatically increase the odds of winning more cremation price shoppers without discounting your price. Because when you compete on price everyone loses.

The first truth is, that you must embrace the truth…which is that 10% of people make a purchase based solely on price…and 90% of people make a purchase based on emotion and value.

The second truth is that you must deliver a bold differentiating statement to your community and potential cremation clients. Remember, your potential clients are not in the death care industry and most people think that all funeral homes are alike. It all boils down to influencing public perception, and perception is paramount!  Cremation-With-Care Preferred Providers have a distinct competitive advantage because Cremation-With-Care delivers their brand promise and value proposition.

The third truth is…that Cremation-With-Care preferred providers are relentless and unwavering in their commitment to following the steps necessary to win the cremation client. They make no excuses.

*Complacency and mediocrity is an epidemic in the funeral industry. C-W-C preferred providers refuse to let complacency kill their business.

“There is nothing more important to your business than ensuring its future” said Mark Davis, CEO of ValMark Memorial Group and founder of its Cremation-With-Care division.  “Delivering a structured, deliberate phone presentation that you and your staff memorize is actually the most important TRUTH.” “If you operate your funeral business as if it is a “hobby” or “calling” you will stagnate and eventually lose market share (if you haven’t already).”

Every successful business that sells a product or service requires their staff to deliver a structured presentation. Why? Because it absolutely, positively works! Cremation-With-Care preferred providers do not use the presentation on only some cremation price shopper calls. They use it on every cremation price shopper call.

The fourth truth is that we are in a relationship business, not a transactional business. What this means is you must build value by engaging the caller in order to get them emotionally invested in the conversation before you quote a price. Cremation-With-Care preferred providers have ammunition that their competitors do not have.

The final truth is that every staffer that answers the telephone has changed the way they think about cremation price shoppers. They believe that: Price inquiries are good because they are opportunities and potential clients!

Cremation-With-Care preferred providers receive a protected territory, the C-W-C phone presentation: Winning Cremation Price Shoppers, the C-W-C handbook: Mastering the Cremation Conference, The C-W-C Urn Presentation: guaranteed to increase cremation merchandise sales, C-W-C brochures: When Someone You Love Becomes a Memory, Their Memory Becomes a Treasure, The C-W-C Promise Certificate, Wall hanging and website listing and link.

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Mark E. Davis is the founder and CEO of ValMark Memorial Group, a funeral industry public relations and marketing powerhouse. Mark is a funeral director’s funeral director whose career in the death care industry spans over 34 years. He’s owned and operated funeral homes, cemetery companies and pre-need sales organizations. He has personally sold millions of dollars in preneed funeral and cemetery contracts, has created and implemented lead programs and PR campaigns and has met with thousands of families at their time of need. Mark has trained countless numbers of managers, funeral directors, salespeople and funeral home staff. In the business of death Mark is an industry visionary, innovator and entrepreneur. His dogmatic work ethic, creativity and relentless pursuit of excellence are the cornerstones of his success.