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Offer to Die For: Free Funeral in Exchange for URL on Tombstone

April 19, 2012

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Offer to Die For: Free Funeral in Exchange for URL on Tombstone

A Baltimore company is making an offer to die for — or at least they think so.

Reed Street Productions, known up to now for creating a zombie-themed 5K race,has thrown down something that will probably bring them even more attention: the chance for people to win a free funeral if they agree to put the race’s URL on their tombstone.

“Everyone else markets to the living, so we thought why not market to the undead through deadvertising,” Derrick Smith of Reed Street Productions said in a statement. “We’re always looking for new and creative ways to market to our target audiences.”

The company announced the sweepstakes with an ad today in the Wall Street Journal. The headline on the ad: We Will Bury You.

Three people will win the funeral expenses in a random drawing on June 1. The URL they’d be asked to put on their tombstone is:

“It’s a real win-win,” the ad says. “You die and get a free funeral, and we get our marketing message in a cemetery – right where the undead live.”

The prize money is $5,000 and also includes free registration for all future zombie races — a regular 5K except they throw in zombies to chase the runners (and perhaps give them an incentive to improve their time.)

And don’t worry if you’re healthy. To win, the contest says, “you don’t have to die any time soon.” However, it also points out, “The sooner you pass away, the sooner you can enjoy the full benefits of this amazing offer.”