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FrontRunner Technology Keeps Firms Ahead Of Google’s New Security Update

May 16, 2018

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FrontRunner Technology Keeps Firms Ahead Of Google’s New Security Update

In early February, Google announced changes to it’s popular browser, Chrome, that aim to make the web safer for users. Starting in July 2018, with the release of Chrome 68, sites that do not use HTTPS encryption will be displayed as “not secure” to visitors.

What does this mean for funeral homes? With this focus on internet security, FrontRunner today announced a plan to help funeral homes get ahead of this upcoming change. During the release of their new website platform in late 2017, the company also announced HTTPS encryption as a standard feature, included in all websites, and has now pledged to help as many firms as possible take proper security measures before July 1st.

“Our research finds that around 60% of people use Chrome as their primary browser. That means, no matter what is used by funeral professionals, a majority of families trust Chrome for all of their web browsing, both on the go and at home. So if websites start showing up as “not secure” this could impact the credibility of funeral homes online. In a worst-case scenario, families may decide to not visit a site or even trust a firm at all. As a technology provider, it is our responsibility to not only educate but keep funeral homes current,” says Ashley Montroy, Chief Marketing Officer at FrontRunner Professional.

In addition to helping all funeral homes prepare for the upcoming changes, FrontRunner is also working closely with their clients to ensure their websites are compliant.

“The reason for this is simple, we want our clients to feel confident in their online security and the website they use to offer information and services to visitors. But more importantly, we want the families and communities served by our 2500+ clients to feel safe and not get scared with all of the data and security breaches happening today. When people are searching for death care services and funeral homes, they do not need any added concern. We have made it a priority for our development, customer service and marketing teams to help these transitions be made in a timely manner,” added Montroy, speaking on FrontRunner’s commitment to helping funeral homes secure their websites.

With less than two months before Chrome 68 is made available, FrontRunner encourages funeral homes, regardless of their current website provider, to get in touch and stay ahead of this upcoming change to remain a trusted online resource for families.

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