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Elegante’ Partners with Lenox for Exclusive Urn Designs

New Genuine Lenox Porcelain Urn Features Swirl Design

May 7, 2018

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Elegante’ Partners with Lenox for Exclusive Urn Designs

Elegante’ Brass Company, a leading cremation urn importer and distributor in the United States, announced today the launch of a new porcelain urn. Partnering with Lenox, a market leader in quality collectibles, Elegante’ is set to release this exclusive genuine Lenox urn in May. Pre-orders are already underway. Reserve yours today to ensure a copy.

“To me, it’s a Business 101 equation. Offer a product with a reputable branded association + beauty of design + a great price point = Easy Sale + Satisfied Purchaser”, explained Saul Goldstein, consultant at Elegante’.

“Our new Lenox urn is the most exciting item to hit the funeral industry in years,” said Robert DeLauro, Vice President of Elegante’. “It is a classy urn and very affordably priced. Lenox has been a trusted name for decades and I’m super excited to be the exclusive distributor for such a well-known company’s introduction into the funeral industry.”

This handcrafted fine porcelain urn features a unique and artistic scroll pattern made of fine china with a 24-karat gold trim ring. The urn holds 205 cubic inches of cremains and stands approximately ten inches tall.