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FrontRunner Professional Chosen as a Preferred Partner by Selected Independent Funeral Homes

February 18, 2018

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FrontRunner Professional Chosen as a Preferred Partner by Selected Independent Funeral Homes

FrontRunner Professional announced today that they have been chosen as a Preferred Partner for technology and marketing solutions by Selected Independent Funeral Homes.

“It’s an honor to be chosen as a Preferred Partner by an organization whose mission is so closely aligned with our company’s roots” says Ashley Montroy, Chief Marketing Officer of FrontRunner Professional. “FrontRunner was founded more than twenty years ago by a 30+ year licensed funeral director, directly inside of an independent family funeral home. It is where FrontRunner started and it remains a very big part of who we are as a company, how our software is developed, who we partner with and how we market funeral homes to the families they serve” adds Montroy.

Today, FrontRunner Professional continues as a family-run organization with over 50 full-time staff, who are all an integral part of our family. They leverage their real-life funeral experience of serving families to build the best technology and marketing solutions available to funeral service professionals. More than 2,500 funeral homes across North America, and almost 100 Selected Independent members have already chosen FrontRunner for the resourceful websites their families want and software their directors need to complete paperwork. Firms can even generate stationery and memorial videos in minutes and access integrated marketing strategies including traditional, social media and search engine management to significantly grow their business. It has all resulted in FrontRunner being the fastest growing funeral technology and marketing company because of their proven results and their passion for the profession.

“In a FrontRunner world, everything is connected. Our award-winning software gives funeral directors one point of data entry so they never need to enter the same information twice. Our website solution acts as a 24/7 resource to attract and help more families, and our marketing services bring a firm’s messaging full circle to ensure no opportunity is ever missed. It’s the power of one integrated solution that is unlike anything on the market today and we’re excited to bring this to all members of Selected Independent Funeral Homes” says Jules Green, CEO of FrontRunner Professional.

To learn more about FrontRunner Professional and the exclusive discounts available to members of Selected Independent Funeral Homes (, contact Jules Green at FrontRunner Professional by email at [email protected], by phone at 1-613-453-9476 or visit them online at