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Foresight Announces New Boot Camp Seminar For Business Owners and Managers

April 9, 2012

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Foresight Announces New Boot Camp Seminar For Business Owners and Managers

Phoenix, AZ, April 6, 2012:  Daniel M. Isard, MSFS, President of The Foresight Companies, LLC, the nation’s leading financial and management consulting firm serving funeral homes and cemeteries throughout North America, announced today the creation of a new and revolutionary seminar.  “We are creating a one week learning experience for the business owner that wants to either learn how to run their business or how to run their business better.  This event will be called FUNERAL BUSINESS BOOT CAMP!” Dan said.  “This is the most revolutionary seminar we have ever done.  It will be working in class to cover every aspect of business operations of the funeral home and each participant will leave with a fully executed program to implement that Monday upon their return”, he added.

This program will cover a complete understanding of Accounting, Finance, Pricing, Merchandising, Marketing, Software, HR and Succession Planning.  “This is an MBA program about your business all within one week”, he said.  Foresight has learned that too often people go to seminars and leave with a three ring binder and that binder sits on their desk.  This program will require participants to load data into a software template before arriving and then work off of that template to make changes and implement their business game plan when they go home.  “We will have a 90 day and 180 day implementation check list so that participants will be given long distance support in these matters”, Isard said.

“Because of the nature of the material discussed, no two firms that market in the same competitive area will be admitted”, said Kevin Kruger, the Client Service Manager for Foresight.  “Each attendee will sign a non-disclosure statement as well, so that any confidential information discussed will not be able to be disclosed.  We want attendees to open up, learn and get their business in shape!” Kruger added.

Sharon Brody Supervisor of the Ralph Schugar Chapel in Pittsburg, PA was one of the first to register for this seminar.  “I am new at running our business.  I need to be taught how to manage all the different components of our business so I have the knowledge, control, and confidence to run this business properly.  Dan’s seminar presentation style is unique, interesting and fun!  I trust he and his staff will send me home from the seminar with all the business operating knowledge I need to achieve results and steer our firm confidently into the future.”, she said.

The seminar will take place in Phoenix and will begin with a welcoming dinner on Sunday July 29th and run through Friday August 3rd.  This is intended to be a small seminar with no more than 20 attendees allowed and it will be one proctor with no more than six people.  “This is not a seminar that people will attend to play golf or hang out by the pool.  This is a working seminar.  All will need to bring a laptop or we will help them make arrangements to have one while they are here”, Isard said.  The average client that follows Foresight’s recommendation has a profit margin of between 26% and 32% compared to the industry average of 6%.  This seminar will highlight all the ways in which business owners can run their business better by integrating the operations and at the same time lessen the chance for litigation.

For information on registration contact Susan Dragoo at the Foresight offices by calling 800-426-0165.  This is a first come, first served registration.