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IMSA and ICCDA Reaffirm Alliance to Advance Industry Knowledge

December 11, 2017

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IMSA and ICCDA Reaffirm Alliance to Advance Industry Knowledge

BROOKLYN, NY– The International Memorialization Supply Association (IMSA) and the International Cemetery, Cremation & Funeral Association (ICCFA) recently met to identify areas where the two funeral industry associations will work together to further common goals.  With a key objective of fostering education within funeral service, one new initiative will be the establishment of a Speakers Bureau comprised of industry practitioners among IMSA and ICCFA members who can provide expertise in numerous subject areas.

As suppliers to the funeral industry, IMSA members represent a range of specialization in areas such as strategic and financial consulting, products and services for funeral homes and cemeteries, mapping and logistics services, legal issues, and social media.  

“IMSA members are in the trenches all over North America and even beyond and can share what we see with Associations that do not have this advantage,” said Jeff Hodes, president of IMSA.

While the IMSA Speakers Bureau will be available to any industry groups, including state or regional associations and funeral service organizations, the ICCFA has recognized the merits of tapping into this pool of experts as potential speakers for their meetings and will be looking closely at the IMSA Speakers Bureau as they plan their various meetings.

“ICCFA and IMSA have long-established ties and mutual objectives in advancing and nurturing the funeral industry and this is just one example of a new service that can be advantageous for all,” said Rick Platter, ICCFA Supplier Relations Manager. “We feel that suppliers who comprise IMSA can definitely provide valuable and diverse guidance to our ICCFA members.”

ICCFA also provides additional avenues for IMSA to reach ICCFA membership, including advertising in the ICCFA Magazine and website, additional booth priority points for the ICCFA Annual Convention and Expo as well as floor stickers to identify IMSA members, and other partnership initiatives.  IMSA also furthered their commitment to the ICCFA with a sponsorship of the First-Timer’s Reception at the ICCFA 2018 Convention.

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