This Funeral Trend Claims it Will Change How People Are Notified After the Loss of a Loved One

Funeral Industry News Funeral Industry Press Releases November 29, 2017

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This Funeral Trend Claims it Will Change How People Are Notified After the Loss of a Loved One

This is a question that has to be answered. We get approached weekly with ‘new memorial notification’ systems that are going to completely change the way consumers are notified of a death. But is there really any technology that can ‘change’ the way we get notified about the death of a friend, colleague or loved one?

The ‘change’ seems to be more about the technology and less about the notification. Is the below solution really revolutionary or is it basically an extension of what the memorial pages already attached to the funeral home currently offer?

Please read the below article about Memcare and leave your thoughts in the comments:

In many countries, it is still common to publish obituaries in the newspaper. In communities where the funeral takes place as quickly as possible, traditional obituaries are not fast enough and relatives will normally call only the closest family members and let “word of mouth” take care of the rest. Sharing the news on social media such as Facebook is also an option, but many unfortunately feel that they lose control of the information there. Online memorial pages are starting to be more common, but you still have to inform people in a timely manner.

Memcare provides a unique notification service making it easy to immediately notify family, friends, and colleagues about the death of a loved one, and automatically keep track of who has been informed and keep control of who has access to the information.

“The challenge with today’s solutions is that family and friends are not notified quickly enough to attend the funeral and it is hard to know who has been notified and who has not. Memcare solves this in a more accurate, efficient and smart way. Memcare helps relatives save money, stress and spend more time on what is important to them during the grieving process. Memcare wants to assist the relatives with tasks that can be solved a lot more simply and efficiently than what is being done today,” says Martinsen.

The solution also includes a funeral planner where the relatives receive confirmation from the people attending the funeral and memorial. Dependants can list tasks they need assistance with, so friends and family can easily volunteer. Memcare assists in removal of the deceased’s social media accounts, e-mail accounts and more in order to manage the online presence left behind.

“After an extensive “research expedition” around the world, we saw that the current methods of communicating and distributing death messages were old-fashioned and outdated. We wanted to modernize the whole process, and the solution called Memcare was born. We simplify the tasks put on the bereaved when a relative passes away,” says Martinsen.

Good-bye to newspaper obituaries
Memcare is a superior alternative to ineffective and expensive newspaper obituaries.

“Obituaries in newspapers are just not effective anymore. Family and friends are spread around different cities, countries, and parts of the world – that is why we have developed a unique notification service. The system is considerably more effective and the relatives control the data and who has access to what information,” says CTO, Håkon Årøen.

Next Generation Funeral Solution
Memcare Technologies is a Norwegian startup delivering unique solutions for funeral homes and services surrounding funerals. The goal is to be a global leading online service for relatives after the loss of a loved one, regardless of location and faith.

Memcare is available through funeral home and launching globally in 2018. The door is open for funeral homes all around the world that wants to offer modern solutions to their clients. The company currently has offices in Oslo and Warsaw and experiencing high demand for the company’s solutions from funeral homes in Scandinavia, Europe, and the USA.