Six Times Twitter Reminded Us Funerals Don’t Have to be Boring

Funeral Industry News Humor August 9, 2017
Madison Ashby

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Six Times Twitter Reminded Us Funerals Don’t Have to be Boring

Twitter gives you 140 characters to say whatever you want. Some people use Twitter to be funny and others serious, but the main objective is to share your thoughts.

These six people had funerals on their mind for one reason or another and decided to share with the Twitter world what they were thinking, and I’m pretty glad they did. People can come up with some pretty crazy things if you let them ramble. It serves as a reminder that these people could be planning their own funerals some day and they are gonna wanna go outside the box!

Check these tweets out:

1. Best friends forever means forever…. or until the first one dies.

2. There’s no gift like the gift of life and Celine Dion captures that pretty well.

3. I mean, is there any other way for him to go out?

4. Hey, any P.O.W. turned president can say whatever the heck they want. I just feel bad the poor parrot couldn’t stay to say his final goodbyes.

5. This has to boost your self confidence a little, right?

6. Are you actually enemies if this thought hasn’t crossed your mind?

Log onto Twitter and search “funeral” to keep the laughs going. Share what you find in the comments below!