Game of Thrones Hiring: FUNERAL Directors

Funeral Industry News July 31, 2017
Madison Ashby

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Game of Thrones Hiring: FUNERAL Directors

Any Game of Thrones fan knows how many deaths occur every episode (13 is the average per episode, right now) and why you shouldn’t be attached to your main characters…

****GoT SPOILERS****
Beloved characters die a lot and common folk don’t fare too well either:  it’s said that 1,243 people died through the sixth season.

That’s a whole lot of dyin’, stabbing and awfulness, which should mean the Funeral Business/Death Care business is booming in Westeros and Essos, right?

It sure sounds like the funeral business would be booming in Westeros and Essos.

Can you imagine the kind of cash you’d be bringing in if you lived in the Game of Thrones era? I mean, of course, you would definitely have to brush up on your mortuary restorative art skills with all the brutal murders. I mean, people get decapitated all the time, so you’d obviously have to come up with a solution for that. You clearly have a strong stomach already, but with all the gore and guts you’d be dealing with you should maybe think about developing some coping mechanisms. If you can make it past all those barriers and even establish pre-planning in your kingdom, your funeral business will be prosperous enough that you could even hire a night watch to protect you and your family from a Ramsay Bolton-esque character. Just something to think about while you’re catching up on the latest episode and remember, Winter, is Coming.

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