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Pierce Chemical Launches New E-Commerce Website

July 14, 2017

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Pierce Chemical Launches New E-Commerce Website

Pierce Chemical is happy to announce the launch of their new e-commerce website, where funeral professionals can browse and order Pierce products 24/7/365.

PierceDirect is a vast improvement over the prior online ordering section on in many aspects.  A cleaner user interface and intuitive organization of products makes finding products easier, plus a handy search feature is at the top of every page to help users quickly locate specific products or categories.  A robust product “Filter” function allows funeral professionals to find products based on numerous criteria including product attributes, and even in the case of fluids, by body type, area, gender and difficult cases.

“While PierceDirect is a much better experience for our valued existing customers, we also have made the website accessible for non-customers who may want to research products,” said Lance Ray, COO and Executive Vice-President of Pierce. “While pricing is only visible to customers who have registered and logged into, we felt that allowing prospective customers, mortuary college students and others to easily enter and learn about our extensive breadth of products would be beneficial.”

“We’re extremely pleased with the amount of traffic and positive feedback we’ve already received just less than one month into the site launch,” Ray continues. “Our customers have told us how easy PierceDirect is to use and we have had a sizeable influx of new customers as well.”

Ray also acknowledged key team members Kat Williams, Debbie Baker and Sheila Goff for their support and diligence in getting the e-commerce website designed and up-and-running within the ambitious timeline that was established.

To see and experience Pierce Chemical’s new e-commerce website, visit