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FrontRunner Professional Announces Partnership With GoFundMe To Offer Funeral Homes A Helping Hand

July 13, 2017

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FrontRunner Professional Announces Partnership With GoFundMe To Offer Funeral Homes A Helping Hand

FrontRunner Professional has announced a new crowdfunding tool, in partnership with GoFundMe, that will enable funeral professionals to offer families a dignified channel for receiving support during times of loss. A Helping Hand™ is founded on an inherent understanding of funeral service and addresses the many challenges that a family can face when a death occurs, challenges specific to funeral service.

In partnering with the world’s largest crowdfunding platform, GoFundMe, A Helping Hand™ brings funeral service expertise to an already reputable software.

“With the growing popularity of crowdfunding as a standard expression of sympathy, we felt that it was necessary to assess the crowdfunding options and create a solution tailored specifically to the funeral space and the needs of modern families. Most models are simply adapted to this industry—we wanted to create something that was unique to death care. Being the leading funeral technology company, it was natural to be the first to work with the leader in crowdfunding to create this incredible tool” says Ashley Montroy, Marketing Director of FrontRunner Professional.  

This release of this platform comes on the heels of FrontRunner announcing a strategic partnership with ObitTree, which launched in April and brought thousands of funeral homes across North America together to provide industry professionals, grieving families and the public at large a one-stop resource for funeral service information. Subsequently, A Helping Hand™ will be added as one of the many features that makes such a powerful step towards a stronger, modern and more sustainable death care profession.

“Our mandate at FrontRunner has always been, and always will be, to innovate new ways for funeral professionals to provide families with the information, resources, tools and guidance that is required to help them in times of need. In addition, we want to foster a better image for funeral service as a whole, break down the barriers and generally remove some misconceptions that are out there. A Helping Hand™ is not only comprehensive, but it is also transparent; our goal is to make families, communities and the funeral professionals they work with have open dialogue about death care expenses. Through ObitTree, this platform is already available to over a million visitors every month. We are extremely excited about what the future holds,” added Montroy.

A Helping Hand™, powered by FrontRunner in partnership with GoFundMe, is a crowdfunding model backed by many years of experience in not only death care but also technology platforms. To learn more about A Helping Hand™, visit or contact FrontRunner at 1-866-748-3625 or online at