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The Answers to These Funeral Questions Will Leave You ROFL

Funeral Questions on Yahoo Answers get very hilarious but grossly inacurate responses.

June 5, 2017

The Answers to These Funeral Questions Will Leave You ROFL

Yahoo Answers is an online forum for people to ask and answer questions. These questions can be about anything and everything. The “best answer” is determined by the user who asked the question. They judge answers on relevance and helpfulness. Those answering are not always reliable or qualified to answer certain questions. People have so many questions about funeral homes and services they provide. When they turn to a website that doesn’t always provide the most credible responses, they are getting misleading information.

Below are the top funeral questions asked on Yahoo Answers accompanied by the ‘Best Answer’ determined by the asker of the question. #SMH

1. “Why do funeral home directors drive so slowly?”

Best Answer: So the coffin doesn’t come flying out and a body after it.

By: Lauren F

2. How to do a funeral for myself at home?

Best Answer: If you are serious, and I really doubt that you are, it’s against the law to have a body in your house, yours or anyone else’s, and talk about morbid.

By: irishlady

3. Do funeral homes still put makeup on the bodies?

Best Answer: They do put makeup on. It’s not like fashion makeup, more like stage makeup. The faces would look totally gross without it.

By: Godless

4. How can you make embalming fluid?

Best Answer: You plan on embalming someone?


5. Why do funeral homes usually have so many rooms and look like big creepy mansions?

Best Answer: You realize many of those rooms are for various usages, right?

By: Bones, Reaupurr Kitten

6. Why do funeral homes smell so good?

Best Answer: I work in one and the easy answer is because there’s like 700 flowers people bring.

By: ThinkAboutIt

7. Does decaf coffee contain embombing fluid?” (Yes, that is how they spelled “embalming”)

Best Answer: None of the chemicals are used in embalming fluid.

By: wardofthestate

8. Why do funeral homes put under garments on the deceased?

Best Answer: Would you go anywhere without socks and underwear? No.

By: Reagan

9. Is it weird if I go to my boyfriend’s grandma’s calling hours?

Best Answer: You’re over-thinking it.

By: ?

10. Why do funeral homes put the blood of dead people in sewers?

Best Answer: There is no reason for it not to go down the sewer, it is completely safe. They use chlorine at water treatment plant, that would kill everything.

By: Reagan