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I Will Not Forget You: Daily Meditations for Grieving Widows and Widowers

In this business, you can lose track of the fact that you’re dealing with grieving spouses, parents, children who are in pain.

April 27, 2017

I Will Not Forget You: Daily Meditations for Grieving Widows and Widowers

Most of us look for a good book to read when we’re going through a traumatic life experience. Bereavement is no exception, but with this caveat: Individuals in the early stages of loss typically find themselves overwhelmed, disoriented, and incapable of focusing on anything that takes real concentration for extended periods of time.

Bestselling author and bereavement expert, Ellen Sue Stern, understands how a short attention span prevents widows and widowers from making even the most simple decisions, such as what to have for dinner or whether to return a phone call, much less immersing themselves in book. Daily meditation books are the exception; especially in the early days and months of bereavement, everything takes energy, even ordering a book explains Stern who has authored eight based on various profound life passages, including marriage, parenthood, divorce, chronic illness, as well as loss and healing. The focus of her most recent, I Will Not Forget You: Daily Meditations for Grieving Widows and Widowers, is an updated, revised version of her classic, Living With Loss.

“The moment I picked up I Will Not Forget You, I loved it,” says Ira Woods, president of OneWorld Memorials, a globally renowned, cremation resources e-commerce located in Minneapolis/St. Paul . “What impressed me was both the great content and the fact that each page stood independently. As a widower, I knew this was a wonderful gift to offer our customers. At first I sold the book in our online shop, but after speaking with customers I was motivated to make a page a day available to them at no cost. I felt this book was a great contribution towards helping people through the grief and the healing process.”

“In this business, you can lose track of the fact that you’re dealing with grieving spouses, parents, children who are in pain,” admits Woods, a long-time entrepreneur. So I constantly remind myself-and our team–that we’re not just selling urns.  Product is key. We can have the greatest quality, unique products at the most competitive price, but it’s compassionate customer services which ultimately drives sales.”

To that end, OneWorld Memorials has chosen to collaborate with Stern, making “I Will Not Forget You” available through a 365 page a day complimentary email campaign.

Complimentary page a day email for Customers and Website Visitors

Daily meditations books are formatted with each page tackling one particular issue, just enough to take in without becoming overwhelmed. “The most common response I hear from widows and widowers, is that the book is helpful because of the ‘bite-sized pieces,” says Stern.

Topics include the most universal emotions, including sorrow, fear, anger, loneliness, disorientation, shifting from “we” to “me”, caring for grieving children, and finding ways to  honor and memorialize one’s beloved. Like all of Stern’s work, the material is inclusive, the quotes drawing from literature, culture and a wide variety of spiritual sources. She goes out her way to reinforce that each person’s experience is unique, that there is no set time frame for grieving, and that healing is enhanced by caring for ourselves. Concrete exercises are interspersed throughout the book: “Letters to My Love,” presents sample notes to compose to one’s late partner, and Survival Guides gently encourages readers to take care of themselves.

Here’s How To Sign Up

Within a day of registering, an e-mail is delivered directly to your inbox, arriving sequentially from Day 1 to Day 365. There’s no purchase necessary, just sign up and within days you will begin receiving a page a day.

Fans of Stern’s say they have been reading the book for years and have even handed it down to others in their friends and family. “I’m always looking for ways to make my work more accessible to as many readers as possible,” says Stern, who is also offering this program to funeral homes, hospice, grief support groups, and other end of life organizations. “We’re thrilled to launch this program, and hope that it will inspire other bereavement resource companies will take advantage of this opportunity to give their customer that little bit of extra care,” says Woods.

Sign up for I Will Not Forget You is free and requires no purchase and can be accessed at: I Will Not Forget You – an email a day grief support.

The paperback and kindle edition of the book is available on the book’s Amazon page.

Ira Woods is the founder and president of OneWorld Memorials. His inspiration behind the business comes from the experience of having lost his spouse to cancer and searching for bereavement products online.