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Messenger Spring Training in Florida

April 12, 2017

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Messenger Spring Training in Florida

Auburn, IN: – It’s that time of year again when teams head south to prepare for the upcoming season. The Messenger Sales and Marketing team took a queue from baseball and recently met in Orlando, Florida for a little spring training of their own.  “While we didn’t actually get to see any baseball games, we had a great line up of training and collaboration sessions to help get us in shape for this year,” stated Bob Hoaglund, Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

Over 70 members of the Messenger Sales and Marketing team from the United States and Canada came together to sharpen their skills.  The training sessions ranged from Insights Learned from Consumer Research, Merchandising Challenge, The Power of Personalization, Make It! Personal version 2, Collaboration with Key Partners, a fun game of Product Jeopardy and Best Practices from the Field.  Kimball Scott, Director of Sales West commented “This year’s training was the best I have ever been a part of and a big portion of that is because of our great team.”   “It is really great to see our most experienced team members take the new ones [team members] under their wings and help them gain the skills they need to be effective in their role.  We are grateful that we had a chance to all get together and learn together” added Brian Clary, Director of Sales East.

Messenger, headquartered in Auburn, IN, has been in business since 1913 and has transformed funeral registries, stationery and Spring Training!  Today, Messenger leads with the best digital registry on the market and the most extensive line of funeral stationery available.  Messenger invests in training and consumer research each year and is dedicated to helping funeral professionals stay relevant in an ever-changing marketplace.  Our ultimate goal has been and always will be to make a difference to grieving families through the products and services we provide.