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Funeral Directors Life Releases New Suite of Digital Services

September 18, 2016

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Funeral Directors Life Releases New Suite of Digital Services

Funeral Directors Life has recently released a new suite of digital services, DIGicare™ Services, designed to help funeral professionals communicate more efficiently with the families they serve.

The five digital services that make up Funeral Directors Life’s DIGicare suite follow families throughout the sales cycle to enhance their experience, offer education, automate services and support, and provide professionals with leads to follow up with and tools to build and nurture customer relationships. These subscription services—PipelineDeals® Customer Relationship Management, Circle of Friends® eAftercare, Precare™, My Tribute Planner™ sales professional tools, and Social Media Management—work seamlessly together to help funeral professionals save time while offering professionals innovative opportunities to connect with and care for families in ways that meet the communication needs of today’s funeral consumer.

“As a company, we strive to be thought leaders in our profession, and we wanted to create a suite of advanced, customer-oriented services that would help our clients communicate with today’s families in the way they prefer,” said Funeral Directors Life President and CEO Kris Seale. “Our line of DIGicare Services provides unique ways of reaching out to families, building relationships, and meeting the needs of today’s consumers. These services can help our clients save time and create more opportunities for preneed sales.”

“In coordination with Passare, Inc., which provides family collaboration and at-need case management technology for funeral homes, Funeral Directors Life is the only preneed insurance provider that helps funeral directors communicate digitally with their families throughout the entire continuum of care—before, during, and after the funeral—using one integrated suite of digital care services,” said Todd Carlson, Executive Vice President of Sales and Chief Sales Officer at Funeral Directors Life.  “As a result, funeral directors and their at-need and preneed staff can more easily service families, build trust, and communicate on a more personal level.”

About Funeral Directors Life

Funeral Directors Life is the only full-service preneed insurance company that works one-on-one with funeral home clients to grow their business and serve more families every year in a rapidly changing marketplace. Our mission is “To be known as the best, most-respected provider of service to the funeral industry.” As a company, we are committed to serving our clients and policyholders as the leading provider of service to the funeral profession. For more information, visit us online at