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Funeral Director Launches Fund the Funeral Crowdfunding Platform

September 6, 2016

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Funeral Director Launches Fund the Funeral Crowdfunding Platform

Jonathan Fisher  and Jeremy Spiering, owners of Fund the Funeral LLC, are announcing the launch of a new crowdfunding platform designed to assist families who need help paying for funeral services while ensuring that funeral service providers get paid.

Fisher is a 3rd generation licensed funeral director and a member of the NFDA, IFDA, and IFDI.

Fund the Funeral was founded by funeral directors who noticed a trend in the funeral service industry.   More families were turning to crowdfunding as a method of paying for funeral services.  However, funeral service providers were often not seeing the money from these crowdfunding campaigns.

Fund the Funeral is a fraud free crowdfunding website that allows a family or funeral service provider to create a funeral fund where people can donate money to help pay for funeral expenses.

Fund the Funeral is different from other crowdfunding websites because donations made to funeral funds are paid directly to funeral service providers.  This allows Fund the Funeral to take care of the needs of all the parties involved in the funeral funding campaign.

  • The family of the deceased receives help paying for the funeral service.
  • The funeral service provider is ensured that it is paid directly for all donations made to a funeral fund.
  • Finally, the donor to a funeral fund can rest assured knowing that his or her donation is being used directly to pay for the funeral service.

Fund the Funeral is paving the road for crowdfunding funeral services.  The business was founded in 2016 and is the only crowdfunding platform designed by funeral directors to meet the specific needs of all the parties involved in a funeral service crowdfunding campaign.

For more information on Fund the Funeral visit: or email us at [email protected].