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FrontRunner Professional Introduces its New Exclusive Partner Program

April 18, 2016

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FrontRunner Professional Introduces its New Exclusive Partner Program

FrontRunner announced today the release of its new Exclusive Partner Program (EPP). The program is designed for highly progressive firms that are seeking a single company to offer them the exclusive products, services and technology to give them the unique differentiation in their communities; something that is often non-existent with most website and management vendors.

Kevin Montroy, FrontRunner CEO/Founder cites “the new Exclusive Partner Program reflects what more and more firms are looking for; a dedicated staff and unique offerings that set them apart from any of their competitors. The program is targeted at those firms insightful enough to understand that their technology strategy is their new business strategy and who want to align themselves with a comprehensive suite of initiatives that truly gives them a single company to help shape their firm’s future direction.  In many ways, this is a true partnership”


“Every day we hear from firms that are tired of waking up in the morning only to find their competitor up the street has the same website and the same vendor now working against them.  Although we have unintentionally been guilty of the same scenario happening in the past, the new Exclusive Client Program will help alleviate that in the future” adds Montroy.


Exclusive Partner Clients can name their four closest competitors that they do not want to have access to the program, giving them exclusive products and services to truly be the FrontRunner in their community. The program includes a growing number of National Business Systems that allow diversification in these changing markets. It opens up a dedicated marketing team to coordinate all of their radio, television, video production, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media strategies, identity branding and managed services, and custom programing services. The scope of the offerings under this program are truly amazing and allow firms to shape their future strategy with one integrated partner. Under the new managed services programs, the FrontRunner EPP team can virtually handle all of the entering of records to managing their family follow-up programs.


“FrontRunner has invested over $1 million dollars in new staffing and separate offices to drive this program. The results are truly stunning. We can guarantee that any client using the program will see an overnight growth in both market share and increased revenues” concludes Montroy.


FrontRunner is the leader in innovative integrated technology and marketing solutions designed to help funeral professionals excel in their markets. To learn more about the Exclusive Client Program call us at 1-866-748-3625 or visit us online at