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FrontRunner Professional Forms a Strategic Alliance with Funeral Solutions Group

March 23, 2016

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FrontRunner Professional Forms a Strategic Alliance with Funeral Solutions Group

FrontRunner today announced that it has formed a strategic alliance with Funeral Solutions Group to rapidly provide new innovations to the funeral profession. FrontRunner clients will benefit from this alliance through vastly expanded solutions available to them, all within a single data entry, tightly integrated architecture.  This alliance will further reinforce the single-solution logic with a one point of contact, saving funeral homes both time and money.

CEO and Founder Kevin Montroy cites, “Our two respective companies have very different focuses and approaches in the market, but will come together with the common goal of helping both funeral professionals and the profession as a whole. We will forge a relationship of collaborating on projects, along with the sharing of new ideas, with a goal of accelerating new and exciting innovations for our clients.”


As the market continues to face dramatic changes, and new entrepreneur groups and opportunists rush in to try and stake their claims at the expense of funeral service, it is more important than ever for funeral professionals to become vigilant about safeguarding their data, online traffic and obituary assets. FrontRunner and Funeral Solutions Group both have deep roots in funeral service and remain committed to protecting the great heritage of funeral service while providing unique and innovative ways for funeral professionals to respond to consumers’ changing needs.


FrontRunner attracts some of the profession’s most progressive firms, who are genuinely interested in growing their business. Different from many companies in this space, FrontRunner is not interested in selling to any and every funeral home.


“We respect that the only way we can truly provide clients all the tools to aggressively compete against ‘the guy up the street’, is to work with one firm in a given area to develop a strategic plan for market domination. Our Exclusive Partner Program helps ensure that. Our clients understand the tremendous value, efficiency and focus that comes from working with one company that can carefully orchestrate and coordinate their complete marketing and technology strategy. They are not interested in being distracted by every gizmo and gadget that comes from the barrage of new opportunists that care little about the real impact their offerings have on the overall good of funeral service, or the firm they are trying to sell,” adds Montroy.


This alliance will help better educate the market about just how critical it is for funeral homes to switch their focus from protecting their ‘back-end’ or management software and focus on their ‘front end’ if they are going to survive the next wave of online competition.  While many casket companies and management software vendors are scrambling to increase their bottom lines by offering, or forcing, lackluster websites on their clients, few have the commitment or real infrastructure and full range of services that it takes for funeral homes to survive in this new online world.


“As I watch how things are shaping up and how and what is being offered, I sometimes wonder if these companies are intentionally trying to help put smaller funeral homes out of business in order to assist their larger purchasing clients. Companies forcing their websites and solutions on funeral homes to get a signed contract or get at client’s data and online profits is appalling. Funeral service deserves better and we are going to do everything in our power to help” adds Montroy.


Funeral Solutions Group is a progressive company specializing in no-charge website models, affordable light-management solutions and creative cremation business solutions. FrontRunner is a leading technology provider to funeral professionals and the only truly integrated funeral home website and funeral home management solution, complete with an Exclusive Partner Program, on the market.


To learn more about these two highly innovative companies visit Funeral Solutions Group online at or 1-844-486-0246 and FrontRunner Professional online at or 1-866-748-3625.