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Painted casket donated to family of girl killed in road-rage shooting

October 27, 2015

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Painted casket donated to family of girl killed in road-rage shooting

Article originally appeared on WSLS 10

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ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – Trey Ganem is a unique type of artist, and special casket he’s donating is part of his artwork.

“What we do is create caskets that represent family’s loved ones. With doing that, we want to take their last memory in remembering the good things about their family,” said Trey Ganem

When Trey heard about Lilly’s death, he couldn’t help but reach out to the Garcia family.

“I told my wife, if the family lets me, I want to take this to them and deliver it and donate it for them,” said Ganem.

Trey’s donating this casket that he made for Lilly. It’s 4 by 6 feet, blue and covered with rainbows and ponies.

“You’re going to see beauty when you see this. You’re going to see that lilly was full of life, and now she’s in the clouds,” said Ganem.

This way when Lilly’s family sees her for the last time, they’ll have a special memory they can cherish.

“What we want people to understand that it’s a celebration. You know, we want to remember all the good times,” said Ganem.

Lilly isn’t here anymore, but Trey says this casket is a gift her family can accept on her behalf.

“That’s their final resting bed. You know, now we’re giving her what she enjoyed on earth,” said Ganem.